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You might recall we were recently hired to style and shoot in Greece for People of the Sun, a Malawi based furniture and homewares label that supports the local African economy by working with artisans and utilising their indigenous skills. They lovingly create a range of beautiful, hand made products for the home which we flew over to Athens to capture for People of the Sun’s new website and catalogue. Take a peek at our favourite shots below!

The goal for this shoot was to show how these beautiful African pieces translate in a European, contemporary interior, and to demonstrate how well they work with modern and classical furniture styles. People often don’t know how to style African pieces in their homes because they tend to be very ‘present’ and with this shoot we wanted to show how you can achieve balance but still highlight the ethic influences.

We based the shoot around a stunning apartment with high ceilings and classical detailing, and home to architect Dimitris Karampatakis of K Studio and artist Joanna Burtenshaw and the results were nothing short of splendid. We used primarily their own gorgeous furniture and art but also brought in various props to tell the story. I even travelled over there with books and ceramics in my backpack and carry on luggage. Muscle abuse like this is an occupational hazard, I tell you. For now though, let’s dive into the pretty pictures, shall we?

In this collection of images you’ll spot the Malawi bench and chair in serval settings, Blantyre glass jars with wooden lids, Classic woven baskets, African animal heads (wall hooks), Cone collection (coffee table and stools) and Sun Circle (wall decor). They have a much larger range of products that what we are showing here, all to be seen on their website, including colourful baskets and new products in the pipeline currently under development.

This project was particularly close to our hearts because Hedda and I both grew up in Africa and know the financial hardship that these communities face but also the beauty in their artisan skills. If only more companies were supporting them. People of the Sun’s founder Maria has spent the last five years based in Malawi developing the collection with the local artisans but also several prominent design houses in Europe, and we have a lot of respect for the work that she and her team are doing. Though the collection can be found in several large US retailers already, People of the Sun is now also ready for the European market and with these new images of her collection, we think it’ll be a roaring success.

What is your favourite piece from their collection? We love the Malawi bench and chair – you may remember spotting one in my home studio a while back – but those wooden topped Blantyre jars are a close second.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we created for this project!

And if you missed it, we are also now back on decor8 each month sharing our interior photography features after a bit of a break while we worked our way through the merger. Pop on over to take a peek! Holly has recently also unveiled an all new website and brand identity and we love it.

And speaking of long breaks between content, things have been on the slower side here too. We are up to our eyeballs in project work and photography assignments but we’ve been working behind the scenes at fresh work to share with you and will be back later this week to show you the results of a recent completed design project, taking you through the project room by room. See you then!

Holly & Hedda

12 Responses to “People of the Sun African Homewares”

  1. Sarah says:

    My favorite piece is definitely the bench and chair. All these products are very beautiful. It is really hard to believe that they are handmade. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Nha Dep says:

    I love the Malawi bench and chair. All products really inspired me a lot. Where could I buy the homemade bench?

  3. Lovely furniture pieces. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Deborah H. says:

    Hi Holly & Hedda – love the images, particularly the white and the wicker and the Apollo sun deal going on over the bed.


  5. I love the bench and the “woody” design! Nice share!! 🙂

  6. Beautiful and enduringly contemporary — can’t decide I like the settee in natural or black better! (And beautifully photographed, bravo.)

  7. Jay says:

    My favorite is also the bench and chair. Beautiful products and I still do not believe these are all handmade :-O. Thanks for sharing. Greetins from

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  11. Simple but very impressive style, I like the chairs

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