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Annnnd we’re back with another wrapped up project (happy dance!) and this time you may have recognised the name in the header. The Project H bedroom is by far one of our most pinned, liked, commented projects ever and we are still getting emails and compliments on it two years on. We showed you the home office shortly after the bedroom went live, and today (better late than never, right?) we are pleased to share with you the recently completed living room.

With a strong preference for neutrals, our client returned to us for phase two of her home redesign with the request to finish off her living room and sitting areas, as well as the kitchen. She had already invested in a few key pieces and inherently has a wonderful eye for design, but was missing the red thread that ties everything together. Over the course of many months, we slowly replaced all the major furniture, and then installed new rugs, lighting, curtains, art and accessories. The goal was a textured, clean living area that felt calm and serene. Detailed but understated. The client was happy with a base of oak floors and crisp white walls but we wanted to warm up the space, using a palette of whites.

While there are so many moments to love in this space, our favourite element in this wall-to-wall shelving setup is a stunning piece of original art by The Hague based artist Rob van Hemert. We carry a selection of his work in our studio, his signature pieces being three dimensional, architectural scapes painstakingly created from cardboard and acrylic paint, and almost always in white. We brought this piece along to try it out in this space and propped up in this niche it was right at home.

We debated what to do with this wall for the longest time. We initially installed a gallery wall over an existing sideboard but the client felt uneasy with it and wanted a cleaner, more streamlined look and feel. We decided to go back to the drawing board and with the goal of utilising the whole wall and creating a focal point in the room, found a beautiful oak shelving system that met all her functional needs while being clean and calm, and still a wow factor in the space. Triple tick (which literally never happens)! We’re loving the dreamy linen curtains, vintage woven chair and dynamic wall sconce. I’d be pretty happy lounging here, you?

The space has two living areas – one that is used mostly for watching TV, the other one (above) the main sitting area. On a large and open floorpan we solidified each area with two coordinating large wool rugs (available in our studio). We love the calmness of each space and how the furniture pops off the white tones. We used several beautiful pieces of design furniture and lighting but our favourite piece has to be the vintage Hans Wegner CH22 armchair with all the right patina.

All in all, a serene space in fifty shades of white, with tons of texture and comfort. We hope you like it! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

Next week we’ll be revealing the kitchen so stay tuned!!

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|| Interior Design, Styling and Photography: Avenue Design Studio

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  1. Matthias says:

    Hi! May I ask what white paint was used for the wall? 🙂

  2. Mona says:

    Wow great project, looks so nicely vintage! Makes fun to see that medien use that type of style again. Found something heartful about that:

  3. Juanita says:

    Lovely, calm interior. Would be nice to see how the two sitting areas connect?Congrats on the beautiful space.

  4. Gayleg says:

    The rattan light fixture, please!! I would like to see more of the company’s work. Thanks

  5. Aracely says:

    Where is the wall to wall shelving from!? Such beautiful work all around!

  6. Anna says:

    This is beautiful! Calm and inviting to recharge. I would love to know the brand of the shelving system. It is very beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. This is so beautiful! I love the soft tones and the wooden accents. Gorgeous

  8. There are so many moments to love in this space. And my favourite element that I like best is two living.

  9. Stunning!! love the ideas, brilliant read. Thanks for this informative post.

  10. Jesse says:

    Lovely!! Wondering if you can tell me where the sofa is from, looks super comfy!!

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