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We’re back today to share another space in the Project R home we recently wrapped up – did you see the living room? We are so thrilled to see this home featured in a huge 16 page spread in the latest issue of vtwonen magazine that we are taking you on a room-by-room tour all week. Today we are taking you through the play room! With two young children our client wanted to create an inviting space where they could play, create, relax and explore. Here’s what we came up with!

A bit of a recap on this project: When our client enlisted us to help her with her home at the end of 2016, the goal was to add style, personality, function and a overall sense of cohesion to her newly renovated family home. Characteristic, layered and collected with a muted but joyful palette and an overarching family atmosphere was the brief. Let’s jump right in!

Beyond the living room, a separate play room ensures endless play, creativity and relaxation for our clients’ two children. With a brief to provide a solution for the storage of toys and art supplies, we designed a wall-to-wall built-in cupboard fashioned from multiplex by a local joiner with a perpendicular desk flanking the property’s back window. The unit was painted in Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath while the walls were given the hue Dead Salmon which (contrary to its name!) feels playful, young and feminine, but not too much so. We added linen roman blinds, vintage chairs, playful bunting flags, Ikea storage boxes with leather pulls from our friends at Design Studio Nu, and stuck up self-made artworks to finish the area off.

We designed this space at the same time as we were working on the living room. Because the two areas are accessible to each other and you can see straight into the play room from the sofa, we wanted the playroom to look, feel and function like a kid space, but not be overwhelming or too ‘young’ in terms of colour and style. In addition, we wanted to create a space they could grow in as well as be able to make a mess and move around freely!

In this room functionality was key and the goal was not only to stimulate play but also to encourage rest. On the opposite end of the room, separated by a wooden room divider fashioned out of multiplex slats, a cosy corner was created for TV watching and reading.

So that’s the play room! Isn’t it a lovely space? If you found something you love, we have created a round up below of the same/similar items seen in this room. If you have any questions just ask away in the comments section below.

Kids Playroom | Your Shopping List: 1. Flags |2. Board | 3. Play tools kitchen | 4. Woven basket | 5. Coat hanger| 6. Play kitchen | 7. Paint Dead Salmon | 8. Paint Elephant Breath | 9.The New Yorker poster | 10. The New Yorker poster | 11. The New York poster| 12. Moebe frame| 13. Wall lamp | 14. Sofa | 15. Cushion curry | 16. Cushion pink | 17. Wooden duck | 18. Storage box and Leather drawer pull. | 19. Chair (similar) | 20. Carpet | 21. Plaid red | 22. Floor pillow

Hope you enjoyed this play room tour! We’ll be back to share another gorgeous space soon – a kids bedroom we think you’ll love. In the meantime, in case you missed it, here’s the living room.

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|| Interior design, styling and photography: Avenue Design Studio | As seen in vtwonen magazine

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  1. Imogen Power says:

    Great room, I love the colours, I just finished remodelling my bedroom and I chose almost the same colour.

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