Spring Styling at Home


Is it really spring? Here in Delft, the Netherlands, things are looking a little grey (and just a tad depressing). Though temperatures have picked up a teeny tiny bit these last few days, we are still experiencing chilly days and rotten weather. So while hanging around the house in socks and slippers, I thought I would get behind the camera to perk up my day! Let me share with you a few snaps taken in my bedroom.

I picked up this pair of sweet little antique marble-topped bedside tables not long ago and am still undecided as to whether or not I’ll paint them. I’m always a little hesitant to put paintbrush to wood, so I might just sit on that idea for a little while longer. I do love the marble tops though and think a crisp shade of grey would look great. Throw in some fresh blooms and a few pieces of art and that’s a pretty vignette, I’d say!









A lot of my things I have picked up at the antique markets that line the streets of Delft in the summertime, such as the two little framed butterflies. I like to combine antiques and vintage items with more contemporary items to create an old-meets-new Scandinavian-esque contrast. In this setting, I love the simplicity of wax flower and tuberose, sitting amongst a backdrop of fresh and neutral hues. A little pop of saffron yellow perks up the palette, too. The little bird watercolor is by Dimdi on Etsy. I did the artwork behind the butterflies. It’s not exactly Picasso, but I love the putty colors and texture. The other night, my fiancé told me he thought it looked like something he had just flushed down the toilet! That’s love…

Fiddling around the house creating pretty corners makes me happy. As we are renting, I sometimes feel a little limited when it comes to decorating (hanging artwork, without having to refill the holes when we move, painting walls without having to repaint it all white again) but in the meantime, I still have fun styling our little space and hope these images inspired you in some way to get busy in your own homes this spring, grey skies or not!

Have a great day,


* All images are by Holly Marder


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  1. geraldine says:

    Beautiful styling Holly, lovely colour combinations and what gorgeous floral blooms. Wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Holly {Avenue} says:

    Thank you, Geraldine! Wishing you a happy Sunday. Holly

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