Style Crush: Kirra Jamison


Do you ever come across someone you just want to be? That happened to me recently when I discovered the beautiful images below of Melbourne based Aussie artist Kirra Jamison‘s warehouse home featured in the January/February 2013 issue of Inside Out Magazine! Oh, did my soul do a happy dance at the sight of the artist’s vibrant space. Being slightly timid when it comes to colour, I am in awe of how Kirra has created such warmth in her lofty residence using bold hues, not to mention her fun artwork. While I have officially found my alter ego {who actually grew up not far from where I used to live in Australia}, the beautiful styling by Jason Grant and images by Derek Swalwell are nothing short of gorgeous.

kirra_jamison_home_by_Derek Swalwell


kirra_jamison_home_3_by_Derek Swalwell

kirra_jamison_home_2_by_Derek Swalwell

kirra_jamison_home_4_by_Derek Swalwell

kirra_jamison_home_1_by_Derek Swalwell


I love the way Kirra has layered colour on colour to achieve a soothing space in which to create her works of art. Oversize art, pops of vibrant colour against a neutral backdrop and living greens are the key to her eclectic home style. The industrial bones of the space are an added bonus. She seems to have approached her interior design the same way in which she approaches her art – references to retro modern design with sporadic bursts of colour. Seeing this vibrant home makes me want to toss my tendency for safe hues with reckless abandon and start layering colour in my own life a little more.

It’s been the hottest few days ever here in the Netherlands so at least a small chunk of today will be spent tinkering about in the sun. Must. Get. A. Tan. We had such a long winter I was beginning to turn a rather suspicious shade of blue for a while there…

Have a great day!

Holly x

Credits: Photography for Inside Out Magazine by Derek Swalwell with styling by Jason Grant. Original artwork by Kirra Jamison

7 Responses to “Style Crush: Kirra Jamison”

  1. I loved seeing Kirra’s effortless approach to decorating with colour, too. As a total colour lover, I’m pleased to read that it’s encouraged you to embrace a little more colour! 😉 Have a lovely day, Holly! x

  2. Claudia says:

    Lovely space and so many beautiful colors. I love it! 🙂 Enjoy the dutch crazy summer 😉 xx

    • Holly says:

      Thanks Claudia! It’s hot hot hot here! Who would’ve thought?

      • Claudia says:

        Haha, that’s what I thought as well.. It’s so dutch as people were complaining about all the rain earlier this year and now everyone is complaining about the heat 😉 I always think; Enjoy it while you can and before the rain is back right? Do you miss the climate in Australia much or not really?

  3. Doris says:

    I also love Kirra’s work and by the looks of her home it looks fab! She so cleverly mixes colour and pattern. Thanks for sharing this Holly. Great party. Enjoy the sun! xD

  4. Oh my Holly, this is just a beauty! Love the colors and of course all the (her) artwork! thanks for sharing x

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