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Every so often, someone or something out of nowhere completely stops you in your tracks.

This is what happened to me over the weekend when I attended The Hive, a conference held in Berlin bringing together bloggers from all over Europe. Alongside bloggers both established and new to the industry, I enjoyed two days of informative workshops and keynotes presented by some of the most accomplished bloggers and experts in the world of online publishing. But the highlight for me came on day two, when I was completely and utterly blown away by Dietlind Wolf, the remarkably talented Hamburg-based visual designer, prop stylist and photographer.

During a workshop she hosted, Dietlind shared with us her experience in the field of styling, which spans more than a decade. Having begun her career as a stylist in the late 90s, she now features work in some of the most prominent international publications including Sweet Paul Magazine, Lonny Magazine, Elle Decoration and Brigitte. Her fascination for natural beauty {more often than not in the form of botanicals and edibles} as well as a true passion for her craft is palpable and shines through in her work, which consists largely of creating beautiful still life scenes involving flowers. Here are some of my favourite compositions.

Dietlind_Wolf_collage_avenuelifestyle_sweet paul magazine spring issue 2013

Dietlind_Wolf_1_sweet paul magazine spring issue 2013

Dietlind_Wolf_2_sweet paul magazine spring issue 2013

Dietlind_Wolf_3_llamasvalley holiday issue 2013


Her work has a distinct ethereal quality about it, drawn from a carefully curated selection of objects. The end result is always so uncomplicated but you can see she layers her materials and textures so carefully.

When photographing food and table settings, the results are crisp and inviting.

Dietlind_Wolf_5_photography_thomas neckermann_brigitte issue 11:2013

dietlind wolf_photography_thomas_neckermann_brigitte issue 11:2013

During the workshop, Dietlind demonstrated how to compile a styled scene, sharing everything from which tools to use and tricks of the trade, to the initial concept development. She had brought along with her a collection of things from her studio, such as shells, handmade ceramics, twine and accessories to create the composition: a summery beach scene incorporating natural shades of grays. The weather was awful that weekend, with rain and grey skies, so Dietlind wanted to pick the energy up with this theme. The results were just lovely.

summer_dietlind_wolf_by Holly_Marder

What an honor to watch Dietlind Wolf in action and learn from her, even for just two short hours. Energy and passion for her field just bounces off her, and whether she knew it or not, Dietlind had every single blogger in that room absolutely hanging on her every word. If you want to see her in action, swing by my Instagram profile. I love the snap I took of the bloggers beside me Tweeting and Instagramming away. This is completely normal behavior in the world of blogging, I promise! Oh, and if you’re rummaging through my Instagram snaps, please don’t judge the {slightly} silly photo booth scenes with me and my blogger friend and roomie for the weekend, Bridgee. A few glasses of champagne had been consumed by this flu-suffering blogger! I had actually lost my voice by the end of day one, and found myself croaking my way through day two.

I hope you found as much inspiration in Dietlind Wolf’s work as I did! See you back here again soon.



Image credits: 1, 2 3 concept, food styling and photography by Dietlind Wolf for Sweet Paul Magazine Spring issue 2013 USA and Germany; 4 concept, styling and photography by Dietlind Wolf for llamasvalley holiday issue 2013; 5 concept, food and prop styling Dietlind Wolf for Sweet Paul holiday issue 2012; 6 and 7 colour concept and styling by Dietlind Wolf, recepies and food styling by Marie Louise Barchfeld, photography by Thomas Neckermann for Brigitte Magazine issue 11/2013; 8 concept and prop styling by Dietlind Wolf, photography Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle

10 Responses to “Style Icon: Dietlind Wolf”

  1. laurie says:

    What a wonderful experience to have had – she is my all time favorite! Hope you are feeling better, Holly!

  2. Janine Ross says:

    Another fabulous article, Holly, I felt as thought I, too, attended your conference. I have really benefitted from your experience.
    Thank you again.

  3. Lauren Lou says:

    Ooooo, you clever thing taking a picture of what she styled! I wish I had! But I probably wouldn’t have chatted to you and met you then! Lovely article Holly xx

    • @ Lauren Lou I only realised that I had taken a pic on my iPhone when I got home, and was so pleased I did! Sorry to have talked your head off while you were napping away. Not very often one meets another Aussie in such circumstances! Was wonderful to have met!

  4. Gudy Herder says:

    Absolute highlight of the weekend and what an amazing woman! So interesting to get to speak to someone you have admired for a long time!

    • @ Gudy Herder I am pleased to see I wasn’t the only one swooning over Dietlind! Was so great seeing you again and having a catch up. Hopefully see you one day soon!

  5. Deepa says:

    Lovely collection of her work, and an amazing experience it seems! I was supposed to have been at The Hive too, but it didn’t work out. It would have been nice to see Dietlind in action and to connect with a fellow NL-based blogger 🙂

  6. Doris says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time at The Hive and Dietland’s work is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing Holly. xD

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