A Summer Escape in Sweet Style


Saving precious pennies for our wedding next May means that we won’t be going on holiday this summer. Instead we have opted to stay put here in the Netherlands, hoping like hell that the sun decides to behave itself and stick around for a bit! But, I’m not gonna lie, having discovered this gorgeous little cottage below, I am dreaming of a summer escape to somewhere pretty, remote and filled with light. Something a little like this…








This gorgeous little cottage is actually located in a London garden, but I can see a dreamy white little cottage like this one somewhere in the English country, surrounded by wildflowers and open land. I love the simplicity of the interior. White painted floor boards and panelling, and that darling little pistachio green kitchen sets a gorgeous light tone throughout for a relaxing summer escape. The sparse scattering of simple furnishings – because you don’t need more than just the essentials on holiday – makes for a humble but homely space in which to really unwind.

Does this cottage also make you long for a summer escape?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a cottage like this in your own garden to enjoy year round? The perfect space to share with a good book and a cup of tea…

Have a wonderful weekend! We will be celebrating two whole years of parenthood with our sweet little girl.


Images from Light Locations

3 Responses to “A Summer Escape in Sweet Style”

  1. Janine Ross says:

    I love this cottage with touches of 50’s furnishings. I’d like to pick it up and plonk it down on the empty piece of land next door to me!

  2. Gudy Herder says:

    Dear Holly, this is how your house could look like in a while!
    Not the facade, I know, but how about the interior?
    You might do something similar and then there is the possibility of this lovely garden….I am really looking forward to see all the changes coming up! Happy weekend (from London btw 🙂

    • Holly says:

      Hey Gudy! We were over-bid and it’s been sold! Such a high bummer because I saw so much potential, and you’r right, it would have had a similar kind of light, bright magic as this little space does. Oh well… Next! Hope you’re having a fab time shooting in London. Such amazing stuff you’re getting up to, Gudy. Just wonderful x

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