Swedish Country Dreaming


As a blogger, I spend a lot of time roaming the web to find inspiration. Sometimes I lock eyes on something so sweet that I find myself lost in another world. Today, that world is somewhere in the Swedish countryside, unwinding in this beautiful country home which was snapped by it’s immensely talented home owner, photographer Helena Blom, and featured in the Swedish publication Lantliv.




After I spent the best part of what must have been an hour admiring the leather Chesterfield, I was taken by the soothing white, wood and neutral tones throughout this sweet family home. The image above of the children picking wild flowers along the road side is my idea of a good frolic! So adorable and so quintessentially Scandinavian. Images like this have me wishing we were raising our little girl in an environment like this, where she can breath fresh air every day, roam free and really frolic about like children should!




I was also drawn to the mixed assortment of dining chairs, and the industrial touches here and there. But what caught my eye straight away were the simple greens arranged throughout the home. Sweet, effortless simplicity.

Authentic details such as that gorgeous front door and the stairs also had me letting out deep sighs of delight, and something I have never seen is a hand railing made from branches like on the quaint little garden shed. If I owned this home, that would be my home office. Yes, yes I think that would be lovely actually. And after work, I’d flop my tired self into one of those hammocks…

Well, enough dreaming from me. What do you love about this home?

Hope you’ve had a lovely Thursday. Today, I took Lola over to my good friend Nathalie for an indoor picnic on her living room floor, since the weather in Delft was a little depressing today. So much fun to be had from such a simple idea. I posted a couple of snaps on InstagramThis one was such a sweet shot of the three little kiddos looking longingly at the brownie Nathalie had made for us. Will have to do that again :)

See you back here soon!

Holly x

Image credits: Helena Blom for Lantliv Magazine

3 Responses to “Swedish Country Dreaming”

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL country home. All the photos are so beautifully peaceful, makes me want to go on a vacation. I wanna frolic along the road picking flowers too 🙂

  2. ilaria says:

    THAT green (indoor and outdoor) is so beautiful, it gives strength to the light palette and adds that living thing that is often missing in interiors’ pictures. I agree, it is a beautiful country house! hope the weather is better today. Have a lovely day x

  3. geraldine says:

    What a beautiful home, love the warmth of the leather and wooden floors. Cute kids too. Thanks for the inspiration lovely. xx

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