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It’s another week and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like this year is flying by at the speed of light. Sometimes, it feels good to just  slow down a bit and take a few moments to soak up a little bit of inspiration. So I’m kick-starting the week today with a bundle of images by Stockholm based photographer Amelia Widell for the blog Lovely Life – a gorgeous tour of a Swedish family home that is eclectic and unpretentious, feminine and fun. To me, this is a home with soul. It’s owners, Catti of the blog Anther Side of This Life, and her husband six-year-old daughter Stella have called their 1927 townhouse in Gothenburg home for  the last four years. The entire home tour is pure heaven, but here are some of my favorite shots.









High ceilings, romantic French doors leading from the kitchen onto a little terrace and the home’s French/English aesthetic are a few of the things the owners fell in love with. With a self-confessed weakness for eccentric British style, the couple draw their design inspiration from English movies and magazines. The various shades of green dotted throughout, exposed brick and subtle florals had me in an instant, and I love the combination of furniture styles. It is carefully curated, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. My kind of home.





Don’t you adore that little girl’s bedroom? It’s seriously inspired me to get cracking on Lola’s bedroom redesign for the new house. In particular, that soft pink dresser and bright white painted floorboards are calling my (er, Lola’s) name! I’m thinking a set of those string shelves are also on the wish list having seen this home.

Make sure you pop on over to Lovely Life for the full scoop of images, and if you read Swedish or live in the area, the home owner shares her favourite local hotspots in Gothenburg in her interview.

Have a fab day, and I’ll see you back here soon,

Holly x

Image credits: Amelia Widell for Lovely Life

5 Responses to “Swedish Home with Soul”

  1. Hi Holly, this is definitely a house with soul. Every corner has something interesting, something personal. I love so many things about this house. For example the wallpaper.. So good! The shelfs with lots and lots of books, the tiles at the entrance, the old furniture and the fact that’s filled with stuff and not so empty and modern as we see many houses nowadays. Thanks for sharing this house with us! xx

  2. Hi Holly, I came to your blog via the list of attendees for Meet the Blogger. Just wanted to say bravo on your blog! I especially enjoyed this post. I’m a wallpaper designer, so I got some new inspiration from the way this family has used wallpaper in fresh, modern and less traditional ways. Great to see wallpaper in this kind of space! It totally works for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Hope to meet you in person next week. Warmly, Ellie

    • Holly says:

      Hi Ellie, just visited your site and LOVE your work. I can see why this post appealed. I am sure you’re going to be hanging on to Tricia Guild’s every word at MTB soon 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you. Holly

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