Textiles by Nienke Hoogvliet


There’s a talented textile designer out there and her name is Nienke Hoogvliet. I discovered her work when I borrowed one of her stunning blankets for an interior shoot a few months back and just recently, Nienke entrusted me to style and photograph her exclusive collection of blankets. Her initial collection, intricately handmade out of mohair, linen and cotton, consists of two beautiful blankets; one in gorgeous grey tones and the other in the softest pink. One look at the images below and you’ll understand why sending these beauties back to their designer is proving rather difficult, particularly as the weather is getting icier by the day!




Gorgeously soft and infinitely textured, there is more to these blankets than meets the eye. With her designs, Nienke tries to raise awareness for issues she finds fascinating and is drawn to vulnerability: in human, society and nature. Entitled ‘Hide’, Nienke’s blanket collection is a metaphor for the feeling of protection in a society where vulnerability is seen as a weakness. Skin served as the inspiration for the design as it borders our inner world from the outside one. Two blankets. Two skins. One fragile human skin and one thick and rigid elephant skin.




To capture the texture and delicacy of the blankets I styled them simply using bed linens from By Mölle (in a beautiful nude shade), in various settings including my studio space and bedroom






You might recognize the image above – my bedroom served as the perfect backdrop for the grey ‘Hide’. I paired the blanket with stonewashed linen bedding from Couleur Locale {duvet in taupe, pillows in dark grey}. It’s almost painful to have to send this blanket back, it works so well in this space!

Nienke Hoogvliet is currently exhibiting her work at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, so if any of you are down there, make sure you pop in and say hello to her for me! For more about her work, click here.

Back soon. Apologies for the sporadic posting of late, It’s been intensely busy on my end but I have a ton of gorgeous to share with you so bear with me!

Holly x

// Styling & Photography: Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Wauw! I love these blankets! The photo’s are perfect as well 🙂

  2. Ilse says:

    Very pretty! Off to check out her site now! (And prices. Because I want one.)

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