Wedding Files: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words


Hi there! Back again today with my ‘Wedding Files’ column, this time taking you through some beautiful photography that has had me swooning lately. In case you missed the first post in this series, in this column I will be sharing ideas and inspiration as I plan my own wedding over the coming year. We are planning a relaxed and romantic garden party for us and our guests to enjoy in the spring of 2014. While we are still settling on a suitable venue and starting to think about the details, we do have a clear vision of how the overall event should look but mostly feel. In my last post, I shared images that tied in with the vintage meets boho meets rustic romantic garden party (a tongue twister, I know) theme we are going for. Today, I would like to share another handful of beautiful images with you that have inspired the type of photography I would love to recreate for our big day.

Photography is such an important part of the wedding day. As the only tangible memory the bride and groom can keep forever as a reminder of that one day, it should really capture the essence of the event. Selecting a photographer that can relate to you as a couple and bring back all the emotions and energy of your day is a challenge. I showed you a few snaps in my last post by the seriously talented photographer Laura D’Art, but love her work so much I have added more here. I love the deep tones in her images and the emotion they invoke, while being so utterly simple. But there are so many more talented photographers out there, like the amazing Jose Villa whose work is all over the biggest wedding blogs and Marianne Taylor, voted the UK’s best wedding photographer in 2012. I hope these stunning images put you on cloud nine, like they did me…


photograph 1

photography 2

photo 5

photo style me pretty 1

photo style me pretty 2

photo style me pretty 3

photograph once wed


photography 1

I just love the soft colours in all of these images, the way the sunlight dances through each frame and the love that is captured so beautifully in each image. I love the light, airy and romantic feel that each of these photographs invoke.

In exciting wedding-related news, I got together with the designer that I have chosen to create my wedding gown this week! Over four hours, the two of us pulled together ideas for the dress, sketching designs and selecting fabrics as we went along. I am so excited that it is now officially in the making! I shall remain tight-lipped in terms of details of course, but for a sneak peek of what we got up to, check out my Instagram profile! You can follow my wedding inspiration on Pinterest, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image credits: 1 & 2 D’Art Photography; 3 Brumley and Wells; 4 Leslee Mitchell; 5,6 & 7 Marianne Taylor Photography; 8, 9 & 10 Jose Villa; 11 Matthew Morgan Photography.

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  1. cyndi says:

    Hi Holly: I can’t believe I missed your blog in Blog Boss! Good luck in your search for a photographer – your special day goes by in a flash and you need to capture the spirit of your relationship in those photos. It seems as if you are well on your way to narrowing down the specific elements that you would like included…

  2. Holly {Avenue} says:

    Hi Cyndi, there were a huge amount of students so it’s no surprise we missed each other! Thanks for your sweet words. I really enjoy putting these wedding pieces together as I get a little closer to the final concept each time. Thanks for stopping by! Holly

  3. Cindy says:

    Prachtig huis en prachtige foto’s!

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