Wedding Files: Engaged + Great News!


It’s been a while since I wrote on my Wedding Files column. Things took a slight nosedive in the wedding venue department, so it’s all been on hold for a little while. That was until recently, when something exciting stumbled into my path. You see, there’s a breath of much needed fresh air filtrating through the wedding scene in the Netherlands at the moment called Engaged. An exciting wedding fair offering brides {and grooms!} to-be a place to be truly inspired, to be amidst the very best wedding vendors in the country and to get excited about their upcoming wedding, which, with the help of Engaged, will be utterly gorgeous.

Engaged promoshots-Engaged promoshots-0054

As a bride-to-be myself, I was excited to discover Engaged because ever since I started planning my own wedding {taking place next May, eek!} I have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be the same energy in this country surrounding weddings that I see on some of my favourite international wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Style Serendipity and Once Wed. The Netherlands seems to be lagging behind when it comes to creating beautiful weddings, and it’s not because the talent is lacking. It’s because the lovely Janina Cruz and Judith van Lent haven’t been around to kick the wedding industry in the butt! Thankfully, the duo are in the midst of coordinating the event that will change the wedding scene over here in the land of windmills for good. Bringing creativity, talent and love under one roof, you’d better believe this event is one worth attending if you or someone you know is getting hitched! So plan Saturday, 5 October into your diary and head on over to my home town of Delft to get amongst the romance in a gorgeous industrial setting along the water.


Yep, that’s right, folks. For the first time, I am hosting a workshop curated especially for Engaged. For those looking to get creative for their own weddings, or simply want to roll up their sleeves and have a little fun with me, I’ll be setting up a DIY crafting station. Everything will be set up for people to create their own:

Fresh flower wreath, using herbs, lavender and various wild flowers. I’m a little wreath obsessed myself, so will leap on any opportunity to frolic amongst the flowers and show my attendees how to create one for their hair, or to use as decorative item on their big day.

Hand-sewn fabric pouch to place wedding favours in, or simply use as wedding favours. A no-fuss, no-sewing-machine-required DIY that you could do blindfolded, almost. 

Bunting made out of pretty fabrics, lace and natural twine.

Sound like fun? I’d love to see you there.


I’ll be sharing a space with the stylish girls Nathalie and Tessa of Nu interieur | ontwerp, who will be leading a workshop showing brides-to-be how to create a moodboard for their big day. Experts on curating beautifully styled homes with lots of wedding styling experience up their sleeves, they are the perfect duo to help you gather your ideas together for your wedding day onto a moodboard that you get to take home.

I’m so excited to get started in the planning of my workshop, and am admittedly a little nervous but it will be fun and the results will be gorgeous so what could possibly go wrong?

If you’re in the vicinity and think an event like this sounds like fun, be sure to grab your tickets soon because they are selling out fast. And don’t forget to pop by and craft something pretty with me while you’re there!

And just a quick side note: I’m getting married, yaaaay! I’ve been so stressed out about the whole topic that was almost beginning to forget that I’m pretty darn excited about that fact!

Holly x

Image credits: Image 1 Engaged. Image 2 {clockwise from top: 1 Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle; 2 Holly Marder for Decor8 3 Engaged; 4 Anouschka Rokebrand. Image 3 {clockwise from top}: 1 Holly Marder; 2 100 Layer Cake; 3 Eu de Nil; 4 Velvetine.

10 Responses to “Wedding Files: Engaged + Great News!”

  1. Sonia says:

    Great match! That’s why when I’ve heard about Engaged that I immediately thought of you! Wish I was on that stage of my life (getting married…) and could attend the event and workshop. Have fun!
    Liefs. Sonia

    • Holly says:

      Well spotted, Sonia! I’m excited about this little project 🙂 Wish you could be there! Time to renew the wedding vows, perhaps? 😉

  2. mel says:

    I didn’t know congratulations, and how even more special to have your little one there! Great idea for the workshop and hooking up with those girls! Mel x

    • Holly says:

      Thanks so much Mel! Yes, Miss Lola already has her dress and we are thrilled that she’ll be a part of our day 🙂 Revisiting the column and working so close with wedding relating stuff has me a little overwhelmed at all we still need to organise before next May! Breathe, Holly, breathe…!

  3. Ciara says:

    Holly I am ridiculously honoured that you’d give Style Serendipity a mention among so many amazing wedding blogs, thanks so much! 🙂 your workshop sounds like it will be fab and I’ve no doubt your wedding is going to be all you’ve dreamed of and more x

    • Holly says:

      I love Style Serendipity, Ciara. Your work is absolutely beautiful! Hope to be able to bounce ideas off you when you’re over this way later this month 😉

  4. cool!!! perfectly cool! amazingly cool! sound-like-you cool!

  5. un23 ilaria says:

    First of all congratulations! I wished I could do an engagement workshop again … should I just getting a second marriage with the same hubby? would that work? 😉 I had so much fun and excitement when I organized mine I can just understand how you feel. Enjoy it and don’t get too stressed, keep it funny until the very last moment 🙂
    Btw I saw your name among the attendees of the MTB in Amsterdam at the end of the month. I will be there as well. I look forward meeting you at last 🙂 Have a great Sunday. i.

  6. geraldine says:

    Sounds exciting! Good luck in your workshop Holly. sorry to hear the wedding venue fell through, was it that orchard you told me about? x

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