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Hello! I am back with another dose of super pretty today. With now less than a year to go before the big day {yay!}, and a meeting coming up next week with our wedding venue, I have been back in wedding mode and today, I’m loving floral crowns. Well, not just today. I wore one as a bridesmaid when I was about 6 years old and remember feeling like an absolute fairy princess. More than two decades on, and I am planning to relive that feeling, this time with a real fairy princess dress to match!

Floral crowns are a big happening this year. If you’re a bride-to-be and have been trawling the internet for inspiration, or you simply love swooning over bridal magazines and websites for the fun of it, you’ll have plugged into that fact. Everywhere I look, there’s a bride sporting a stunning floral headpiece. When I began putting together ideas for our wedding, and we locked in a spring garden party as our overall theme, I knew I wanted a very floral affair. And wearing fresh blooms to me just completes the picture. You’ll notice in my first two posts in the Wedding Files’ series, and from peeking into my Pinterest inspiration boards, that floral crowns have been apart of the picture since day one. While floral crowns aren’t every bride’s cup of tea, I think they are beautiful and will add a very romantic, ethereal beauty to our planned vintage meets boho meets rustic garden party aesthetic.

flower crown_79ideas

flower crown_limn&lovely

flower crown_ruffled



I’ve seen some floral crowns that have been rather lavish, and while I can’t quite see myself feeling comfortable with an oversize garden on top of my head, I do love the dainty, delicate floral crowns, and would love to incorporate them into our wedding somehow. I have however been steering more towards a handmade silk floral crown, so that I can keep it long after that one day.

I recently came across a wonderful ‘how-to’ on making your own floral crown on the gorgeous blog Green Wedding Shoes and I’d love to give this a try. It looks so easy and the results are so pretty. I would create one of jasmine, one small blush pink rose and some white and pale pink wax flower.


flower crown_alixannlooslephotography

What do you think? Do you love the trend or not?

Personally, I’m thrilled floral crowns are back in a big way. I mean, if you can’t wear a floral crown on your wedding day, when can you?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image credits: 1 Rebecca Newport via 79 Ideas; 2 Brumley and Wells; 3 Mango Studios via Ruffled; 4 & 5 Eric Kelley Photography via Bridal Musings; 6 Jasmine Star Photography via Style Me Pretty; 7, 8 & 9 Green Wedding Shoes; 10 Alixann Loosle Phoptography

7 Responses to “Wedding Files: Floral Crown Fancy”

  1. Janine Ross says:

    What a lovely read this is, I love the boho theme for your wedding, takes me back 45 years but much nicer and more sophisticated. It will be a glorious day, Holly

  2. Monique says:

    Gorgeous Holly and I love the floral headpiece … too beautiful!

  3. Danielle Sturgeon says:

    You are going to be such a beautiful bride Holly, I can definitely see you and your luscious locks intertwined with beautiful delicate flowers. Definitely organic boho meets sophisticated femininity. And every woman has a little girl tucked away inside who wants to look like a fairy princess and I say give the girl what she wants!! Haha gorgeous idea, as they all are in this beautiful corner of the Internet xx

  4. mena says:

    Absolutely stunning! I LOVE this style for weddings, especially the beauty of how natural and modest it looks ,.. beautiful! xxx

  5. Joy Marie says:

    Hey, Holly! This is my first time on your blog, and this was a fantastic entry on floral wedding crowns! I’m actually getting married on September 28th of this year, and I just received my floral crown in the mail yesterday from ‘Songs From the Garden’ on Etsy! Since I’m having an outdoor beach ceremony in the heat of Autumn, I opted for real-touch silk flowers that will not wilt (plus I can always keep my crown). My crown is composed of mini Gerber Daisies (Gerbers being my wedding flower) and a lot of greenery with orange ribbons that will stream down the back of my hair. 🙂 I’ve always dreamt of wearing a floral crown for my wedding, as a veil was too stuffy and never my style. If you’re going to do a bohemian wedding like I am, I think floral crowns are perfect!!! Check out Jenner’s shop, that I named above, on Etsy. She has done all of my flowers, from my bridal bouquet to my boutonnieres!! I LOVE her work.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

    • Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your wedding plans this September. It all sounds beautiful! Thank you for the tip on the silk flowers, Holly

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