Wedding Files: Inspiration for the Maids


I am so grateful that my two sisters, two best friends and dear cousin will be joining me as I say my I Do’s. As the big day draws nearer and their flights have been booked, they are naturally looking for inspiration and  ideas for dresses, shoes and hair. Though I’ve been collecting inspiration on my Pinterest board for the last year, I decided to throw together a few moodboards for the girls to show them the kind of look and feel we are going for so that they can prepare a bit in advance. For those planning their own wedding and need a little inspiration in this particular department, I thought I’d share them for you to see too. So let’s get swept away by pretty stuff today!

Bridesmaids by Avenue Lifestyle

I decided early on that I wanted the girls to choose their own dresses, so that they feel comfortable, confident and cute in what they are wearing on the day, and have something that really suits their body type and personal style. I also love the look of mismatched frocks, made from different fabric types and in varying shades in the same colour palette. I also love mixing textures, so thought a touch of lace would be a pretty addition.

Bridesmaids by Avenue Lifestyle

As I have said in past posts, we are going for a very relaxed affair, though some elements have evolved and changed over the last year. The main look is fun, relaxed and above all, romantic. I am going for a slight bohemian look and an overall organic feel infused with feminine details. I think the girls will each look delightful in a loosely pulled together up do’ and perhaps some florals in their hair. Whether they are holding flowers or wearing them, they will be understated, slightly wild and not too serious.

Bridesmaids by Avenue Lifestyle

So with that little dose of pretty the girls are on their own, and I know they will pick something that they look and feel gorgeous in!

I hope there are some brides-to-be out there who benefitted from seeing these moodboards. I loved putting them together and find that whenever I get creative in the planning process like this, I get a burst of excitement and a rush to keep going with the rest! And there’s a lot to do yet, so between renovating our home, styling and photographing homes, writing, running after my darling girl and being a significant other, this is what I’ll be occupying myself with over the next couple of months.

Three months, guys! Let the butterflies roll in…

Holly x

Image credits: Moodboards by Holly Marder/Avenue Lifestyle; 1. Bryce Covey Photography via Style me Pretty; 2. Styling/Photography Stefanie Zegwaard; 3. Miss Moss by Love Made Visible; 4 & 5. Unknown; 6. Logan Cole; 7.  Jen Dillender Photography via Style me Pretty; 8. Fifteen Photography via Style me Pretty; 9. D’Art Photography via Plum Tree Weddings

4 Responses to “Wedding Files: Inspiration for the Maids”

  1. Ciara says:

    Stunning! It’s everything you described and then some! Love the subtlety of the shades and the delicate feel to the lace, it has you written all over it and I’ve no doubt will be even more stunning on the day, can’t wait to see it all come together xx

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Ciara! So thrilled that you’ll be here to share our special day with us. I just know that with your magic touch, it will be all I imagined and more!

  2. Such a beautiful bridesmaid mood board. My sister’s getting married this summer and I know she’d love this. /Niki x

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