Wedding Files: Venue Dilemma + Special Arrivals


Hi guys, back again to share some wedding news today as it’s been a while since I updated my Wedding Files column. Those close to us will already know that we faced a major hiccup in our wedding planning process this last few weeks. With just 8 weeks to go before our big day and all the plans put in place, our dream wedding venue fell through. It was the most spectacular old building just begging for a beautiful wedding to take place inside it, and I was just dying to share it with our guests who are traveling over from Australia and South Africa to celebrate with us but due to issues with the building (which is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment) the plans fell through.

Gutted doesn’t begin to describe how I felt when we had to go back to the drawing board in such a short space of time before the wedding, knowing that we have so many friends and family traveling so far to be there with us and to suddenly find ourselves having to change plans and find a whole new venue, re-do the invitations and start from scratch. After an incredibly stressful couple of weeks scouting new venue options, negotiating, rethinking the day, we finally secured a new venue and I am so pleased and massively relieved! I will share the venue details after the wedding {wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for our guests} but what I will say is that it ties in very nicely with the concept we have been working with for our reception – a low-key, modern organic, local affair that reflects us as a couple. Now that the venue has been secured, we have managed to get out the invitations, a little too late for my liking but they are out nonetheless and our guests know where they will need and when (even though we sent out our Save the Dates months ago}.

Jen Huang Photography

Speaking of invitations, they were another minor catastrophe! I had originally planned to make them myself, so I had come up with a design that I intended to be letter pressed. But by the time we had confirmed the new venue and I had to make a new design, there was no time for them to be letter pressed, and printing them at our local printer didn’t work because of the structure of the paper. Thank heavens my friend Sarah referred me to a wonderful little local printing studio called Atelier Indrukwekkend, who’s charming owner Kirsten practices old school printing methods such as screen printing and letter press. She took one look at my desperate face and came straight to the rescue! Within two days, she had uploaded my design, added a graphic touch that I had initially planned on doing myself with the sewing machine, created a screen print and had them ready for me to pack into envelopes. Incredible! So in record time we had those invites out, and I will share them with you after the wedding.

And now for the fun part. This week our first guest arrived from Australia, my dear friend Lauren who I have known and loved for the last 15 years. Since she arrived, my shoulders have relaxed, my excitement has elevated and I am officially in wedding mode! My next guest arrives this Sunday, another incredible friend who I have known for 10 years Danielle and I cannot wait! Then my family arrive on 3 May, complete with my beautiful nieces and nephew who I plan to smother in kisses and cuddles. Then my Dad and step-mum arrive from South Africa and also some special guests from the UK and of course the amazingly talented Ciara who will be there to work her styling wonders while I get ready! I can’t quite fathom that all of these people will not only be in my town, but all in one room enjoying dinner together in just a couple of weeks!

So that’s the news. It’s been an overwhelming time for me but I found reassurance in a few simple words spoken to me by a friend when I was at my most distressed:

“It’s a great exercise in letting go of control of the things that don’t matter anyway.”

And she was right. The only thing that matters is the love that will envelop the day, our guests and our little family on the day. The coming together of all of our most cherished people and the binding promise that we are making to one another. All of the rest doesn’t matter anyway. And after all of the tears and the worry, I am excited to finally be able to enjoy the last two weeks leading up to our special day. Let the manicures begin!

Holly x

Image credits:  Jen Huang Photography, featured on Style Me Pretty

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