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I told you about the fresh flower workshop I led at a charming lifestyle event called Fort Festijn near Amsterdam over the weekend. I showed my attendees how to create fresh floral headbands, which you can read about here. But I also offered all the materials and ideas for people to make their own beautifully wrapped gift box using fabrics and fresh flowers. It’s so much fun to give something thoughtful but also to go the extra mile and wrap in thoughtfully into a pretty package!

Wrap it Pretty by Avenue Lifestyle

It’s really very easy to create a little package like the one above and takes a matter of minutes but makes a lovely impact when giving any gift. We made one of these as a thank you for our master of ceremony, who handled the logistics on the day of our wedding. Inside, we placed a beautiful silk scarf, two little jam pots I had made for the wedding, and inside an envelope tied to the top of the box, a card and movie voucher for her and her husband to go on a date.

Here’s how to put one like this together.


A gift box {they are inexpensive and can be found at most craft supplies stores}
Fabrics and ribbons of your choice
Double sided tape
Natural twine
Fresh flowers, twigs and/or grasses
A kraft paper envelope
A kraft paper gift tag

1. Cut the two strips of fabric which you will use to dress your box. Depending on the size of the box, one piece should be long enough to stretch across the lid, plus an extra 2cm on each end, and the second piece should be the long enough to stretch around the outer side of the box, plus an extra 2cm on each end.

2. Remove the lid of the box. Stick a piece of double sided tape to the inner rims of two opposing sides of the lid. Then, stick down one end of the fabric you cut for the lid and stretch it carefully but tightly across the top of the lid and over to the other side, sticking it down onto the double sided tape on the opposite inner rim. Repeat this method with the box bottom.

Wrap it Pretty by Avenue Lifestyle

3. Using the same method, attach any additional pieces of lace and decorate further as you please until you are happy with the way it looks. Be careful not to use too many pieces of fabric and trimming or the lid won’t fit back on the box.

4. If writing in a card or placing a little flat gift (photograph, movie voucher etc.), do so now and place the card inside the kraft paper envelope. Add a gift tag by tying it to the envelope with natural twine, knotting it secure at the back.

4. Place the gift inside the box, replacing the lid and laying the envelope and gift tag on top. Seal the box by wrapping a long length of natural twine several times around the box, tying it in a neat bow on top.

5. Finish it off by threading a couple of prigs of fresh florals, grasses or twigs under the twine.

Any gift wrapped like this is sure to result in a squeal of delight from it’s receiver, who will feel really special to have deserved such a thoughtfully wrapped gift.

You can even skip the box and dress an envelope in the same pretty manner using the very same technique with the double sided tape trick.

Wrap it Pretty by Avenue Lifestyle

Simply cut your desired lengths of fabric, ribbon and/or lace, place one by one around the envelope, securing each to the back with double sided {or washi} tape. Any which way you choose to dress your envelope or gift box will render gorgeous results. We popped one of these pretty packages in the mail and sent one each to our wedding photographers and caterers {who both did the most amazing job!} as a token of our thanks, appreciation and gratitude for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding.

Next week, I’ll show you our thank you cards {first need to make sure all our guests have received them before sharing them here!}, which turned out so lovely and are as easy as pie to recreate.

Happy wrapping, folks!

Holly x

* Photography original to Avenue Lifestyle

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