Yvestown Fair 2013


Hello! A new week has begun but I’m still reeling from a truly lovely weekend. What did you get up to? Mine started in a really special way on Friday when one of my two gorgeous sisters welcomed a beautiful little baby boy into the world. I won’t get to meet my precious nephew until next May when my family is heading over to Europe for my wedding (Yay!) but I have been receiving photos and updates all weekend from Australia and I feel at least a tiny bit involved. It was a tough delivery, but thankfully my other sister was there through it all for support. It’s these big moments in life that I really do miss home and my family. Sigh… 

On Saturday I was treated to some much needed time off, when my parent’s in law took Lola for the weekend so that I could have some down time and D could attend a bachelor party in Düsseldorf. Solo for the first time in ages, I jumped in the car and headed south for the much anticipated Yvestown Fair, organised by my friend Yvonne of the blog Yvestown. I photographed her home late last year and enjoyed meeting her so much and seeing her lovely home, that I couldn’t wait to check out her pretty fair, too. Set out in front of her home’s beautiful facade, it was a day filled with creatives, crafty goodies and great company. Sponsored by Dutch magazine 101 Woonideëen, you’d better believe it was just that and more. Here are some snaps I took of the event:








The fair welcomed a bunch of clever creatives who set up the prettiest tables for the public, including:










Sadly, the weather didn’t cooperate, and the stalls were bundled together beneath tents which had to be brought in at the last minute, but it didn’t matter. It was lovely and everyone had smiles on their faces which is what it’s all about.

Getting there was a bit of a drama, truth be told. It was quite a funny story actually. It was a two hour drive, and about 20 minutes before I arrived, the heavens opened and I realised that one of my windscreen wipers was broken! The one on my side of the car, to be precise. It was dragging across the windscreen like a broken leg, eventually getting all caught up in the other one. Not being the least bit handy when it comes to mechanics, I was forced to pull over every two minutes or so to manually wipe the windscreen so I could drive a bit further. By the time I arrived, late in the afternoon, I was rather disheveled! Luckily, Yvonne’s sweet hubby Bo came to the rescue, tool box in hand, and fixed the wipers for me on the spot, which is just as well because it poured with rain all the way home that evening!

Car drama aside, it was well worth the trip and lovely to get out on my own, meet some new faces, see some familiar ones and get amongst it for an afternoon.

I came home with some pretty new fabrics from MondaysMilk to use on our new house! Can’t wait to get started with it all.

Keen to see more pics from the fair? My friend Ilaria over at IDA Interior Lifestyle did a great round-up on her blog. Ankie from Zilverblauw also did some fab shots for her round-up that were also used for the 101 Woonideeen blog, which outlines all the vendors in more detail!

Have a wonderful week,

Holly x

All images by Holly Marder

7 Responses to “Yvestown Fair 2013”

  1. Yvestown says:

    Thanks you Holly, it looks lovely!! It was so good to have you here xox

  2. Congratulaions on your nephew! What a beautiful post! Such a shame I couldn’t join you yesterday ànd this morning – hope to see you soon! xx

  3. Oh, how I would love to have joined you guys on this fair! I was planning on going but then got sick and I had to stay at home in bed. Anyway, your pictures look so wonderful – really perfect and it shows how cozy and Yvestown-like everything looked over there. Would have loved to meet you in person there, but hopefully some other time!!
    Hugs to you,
    Inge x

  4. Claudia says:

    Oh Holly this looks great. It feels so dutch. The colors, the fabrics and of course the rain. What should we do without the rain? It totally belongs to Holland 😉 I wish I was there as well, looks like you had a lot of fun. Congratulations with the new baby in the family! xx

  5. un23 ilaria says:

    Your pictures are lovely Holly. I love the ambiance, the details you took, the patterns … it must have been a great day (apart from the rain of course 😉

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