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There’s a little slice of heaven in the middle of Paris and it’s called Hôtel Henriette. I mentioned in my last post that I was sent over to Paris to photograph a family home in Saint Germain en-Laye, and was booked into a room at this gorgeous, gorgeous boutique hotel located on a little cobbled street in the south of the city, a stone’s throw from the Les Gobelins metro station. I won’t say any more. I’ll simply let these images of each and every thoughtfully designed space, speak for themselves.

hotel-henriette2 < hotel-henriette23

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Every one of the hotel’s 32 rooms has it’s own colour scheme and a charming Nordic boho look and feel, all conceptualized by the hotel’s owner Vanessa Scoffier. Formerly a fashion editor, the designer has had an infinity for scouring flea markets from a young age. The rooms feature expertly sourced, quirky vintage mirrors and lighting fixtures, whimsical wallpapers, and a hand selected colour palette.







During my stay in Paris, we stayed in the room below with pale pink and turquoise walls and beautiful brass light fixtures above the bed. Our bathroom had the most lovely green patterned tiles. It’s those small details I appreciate a lot when travelling that make a place a home away from home. I only wish my stay was longer than two nights.









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Scoffier’s signature design style blends the old with the new, transforming spaces through recycled found and vintage objects, a creative use of colour and paint application, combining eras and styles to create unique places that breathe personality and livability.






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The clever blend of materials  and quirky use of colour made this little hotel really stand out. I just loved Hôtel Henriette. They were renovating the foyer and ground floor when we were there, making way for a breakfast corner I believe. The staff were amazing during our stay. I travelled with friends, one of whom became very ill and ended up having to go to the hospital, and both people attending the reception desk were extremely helpful and empathetic.

Charming, no?

If you’re heading to Paris and are looking for a lovely and convenient place to stay, take a peek at Hôtel Henriette.

Holly x

PS: Apologies for the long gaps between posts! I am working intensively on several interior styling projects at the moment and am preparing for a styling and photography masterclass I am presenting this Friday with Beeldsteil and Meet the Blogger. I’ll check in as often as humanely possible but your perseverance is greatly appreciated, thank you!

7 Responses to “Hôtel Henriette, Paris”

  1. Anastasia says:

    I am speechless! This does not look like a hotel but like a cozy cozy home! This is probably the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen … and your photography does the rest!
    Warm greetings from Germany!
    Anastasia XO

  2. Catherine says:

    This place looks like a dream!

  3. yz says:

    This looks so lovely to me, wow, such a pity you had a hectic time there. maybe you can go back one day…and thx for making our MTB masterclass so successful. Great cooperation between you and Wendy. I really enjoyed working with the both of you! xx

  4. when in Paris… (next time we will stay here) l o v e. i t.

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