Lola’s Bedroom: Before & After!


Hey everyone! I have been dying to share this space with you for, well, about two and a half years in fact. It is a sweet little girl’s bedroom belonging to my daughter, Lola, and it has been in the making for a really long time. I am a little ashamed to admit how long this project has taken me to complete, but in all honesty, with a full schedule of interior design and photography projects on the go, I end up putting my own home and house to-do list on the back burner. Some things just a little time, and thankfully Lola has been a pretty laid back customer and hasn’t minded the delay. During the summer break, I made Lola’s bedroom my focus and I am thrilled to finally, finally share this sweet space with you. You might remember I shared a sneak peek of it a while back (like, two years ago #mybad). Well brace yourselves for an epic before and after, folks. This one was a long time coming, but with this tour I hope I’ve well and truly made up for it!


Quick recap: We bought our home 2.5 years ago and have been slowly renovating and decorating it ever since. A lot happened in the first few months, as it always does, and then the pace slowed down while we recuperated after getting married, buying a house and replacing our car all in the same 5 month period. Though we’ve done things in between – painting the staircase/hallway, bringing in new furniture, and doing some exterior work – we seem to have really picked up the pace these last couple of months and are moving quite quickly again. We’ve been working in the kitchen, living room and garden and I will share these spaces with you in the coming few months. I shared our bedroom last summer, then my studio tour went live a few months ago, I did a studio update more recently and now I am excited we have wrapped up another room and that our sweet Lola loves it every bit as much as we do.





A little bit about this room. Like our bedroom next door, we had to paint each and every surface, rip up tired old (orange) vinyl from the floors, revealing original wooden floorboards which we then sanded and painted. We gave the window frame and sill a lick of paint too, and all the while, we were doing THIS kind of thing in our bedroom next door as well as a ton of painting and sanding downstairs too AND organising a wedding! When I think back to those days, I wonder how we did it.


Style wise, I wanted to open this space out and brighten it up, adding bright pops of colour but keeping the space calm at the same time. I wanted it to be fun and playful but not too young so she can grow into it. I wanted lots of texture and comfort so the space really beckons her to not only play but also to relax and unwind.

I chose a white basis for the upper walls, floors and ceiling, and painted the lower half of the walls in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Light Blue’. More than two years on, and I am still mad for this colour. It’s fresh, yet neutral, versatile enough for later on down the road when we might decide to move Lola from this room and make space for another human because isn’t too feminine or masculine. It work’s well with bright colours and beautifully with muted tones. It is a grey/green/blue and that’s exactly what I had hoped for.



We bought Lola’s bed second hand for €20 and at the time it was bright red. Cute but not what I was going for. To get the metal frame white, we gave it a light sanding and painted it with radiator paint, using a roller and a sponge to apply it. It was a tedious job but radiator paint dries fast and applies really well.

Her bed linen is vintage, I picked it up at a second hand shop for €2,75. They are 100% linen, pale seafoam green and in beautiful vintage condition. Quite possibly my best buy ever. The top has a very thin stripe and the underside is checkered so I fold the top end over so you see both and it makes my heart happy. The little stool beside her bed was also a vintage steal. Her pink wool blanket I picked up shopping recently but can’t remember where. The floral quilt on the end of her bed is the ‘Woodland Meadow‘ quilt from Schoolhouse Electric. It’s so beautifully made and adds a subtle floral detail to the room that I love in combination with the delicate stripe of her duvet, textured wool of the throw blanket and bold rug on the floor. The pillows are by Fest Amsterdam and I love the playfulness they add to her room! The pillow with the big pink dot is actually their ‘Lola’ pillow so it was kind of meant to be. If you love their pillows as much as I do, stay tuned because I’ll be giving away two pillows from their lovely collection next week!



Aaahhh look at that photo. Lola is flipping through a book I used to love as a child, called ‘The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’, illustrated with beautiful botanicals through the seasons. I was my favourite book and it makes me so happy to see Lola love it too.

Would you like to see the BEFORE shot? The room was bright red when we bought the house so several layers of white had to be applied to cover over the red. We have amazing friends who helped us paint the whole house all in one day the weekend we moved in. The before & after pics below will attest to the amazing things that can happen when some white paint is applied. The same effect can be seen in our bedroom – big results, little effort and cost effective.



Look at that! I love a good before & after. Over there is where Lola transforms into Princess Elsa three times a day. For her fourth birthday we gave her a vintage dress-up box, which I dragged home from at a local antique shop. I thought about painting it but in the end decided the dark stain looked authentic so I left it. When she opened it up on the morning of her birthday there was a hideously blue and vaguely flammable Elsa dress inside it (of course) and we gave all our friends who were attending her birthday party the theme ‘dress-ups’ as an idea for a gift. By the end of the day the box was filled with goodies and she still plays dress ups every single day. Most of the stuff in there is all worn and tattered by now, and I can tell you now, trying to explain to her that dress-ups are only for when we’re at home is another matter altogether…




The little wooden wall hooks on her wall I found in a little shop on Etsy, called Layer Tree. They are a small UK based furniture, lighting and accessories label and have loved these hooks for a while. I used them on a project recently and liked them so much I snapped up a couple for Lola’s room. I wanted a place to hang her necklaces and tutu’s and they are understated and perfect.They come in various woods (oak, walnut, ash and elm) and the ones we have are English elm. Cute, aren’t they?




So this is the other side of the room – we built her a closet, desk and reading nook all in one using IKEA pieces as well as a little of our own creativity. Below, a quick glance at the BEFORE situation. Not that bad, but certainly not very good.




This particular ‘after’ shot makes me sooooo happy because this built-in nook took quite a bit of time, mathematics and frankly a bit of luck to realise. This is why:

If you look at the first ‘before’ picture you will see that there are two metal heating pipes which are exposed and run down and along the wall, taking up about 10cm of space.  This meant that any piece of furniture we placed against that back wall would never have sat flush against the wall. I wanted to create a built-in reading nook that connects to a wardrobe and bookshelf, with a desk area for her to colour/draw/do homework one day/stare at the wall. I wanted it to be inexpensive and one way to achieve that is to use cost effective IKEA pieces as the base as opposed to hiring a carpenter. But because of the exposed pipes we ran into a few problems. And as much as I would have liked to, putting the pipes into the wall wasn’t an affordable option. With a bit of mathematics and a lot of time sifting through the IKEA catalogue, we decided to combine two of their popular lines – BestaStuva + a little bit of our own carpentry.




We used a Besta sideboard along the floor to create the base of the wardrobe and reading bench because each element is 40cm deep and 60cm wide. We then placed a Stuva wardrobe on top of the left-most Besta element because it is 50cm deep and 60 wide. So it basically fit perfectly on top width-wise, but had an extra 10cm behind it to allow space below for the metal heating pipes, but lean flush against the wall from the top of the bench up. Once the Ikea elements were in place, we built a bookshelf to the right using multiplex birch wood. We placed the back panel against the pipes that stick out a bit, and then cut a side panel to size to cover the little gap that left down the right side, and go all the way to the ceiling and sit nice and flush with the wall and ceiling.

We then obviously had a 10cm gap between the wall and the middle Besta units, so we placed a sheet of multiplex on top to hide the gap. I have a fabulous upholsterer Shannon Moyer who made a cushion for on top upholstered in an old rose linen blend fabric, which completed the picture. Side note: she is a talented furniture restorer and made these incredible vintage dining chairs which are for sale if you are interested? She painstakingly applied the most beautiful Danish paper-cord woven seat onto each of them and they are stunning. Drop me an email if you want to know more (

We built a simple desk with large brackets out of multiplex and painted the desk top and side panel of the bookcase white to blend with the Ikea elements, but left the inside of the bookshelf and edges of the desk unpainted for some contrast. A couple of linen pillows from my favourite By Mölle and a fun pillow from Fest Amsterdam and we are so happy with the results! And Lola spends hours here, reading, colouring, playing and relaxing which makes all the time and effort we put into this room more than worth it. A simple length of cotton string above her desk makes a sweet display of artworks and treasured photographs. The black and white photo is my mother as a young girl and Lola looks exactly the same as she did! Lola’s godmother (a talented health coach) painted the little blue watercolour bird.





I keep Lola’s bookcase neat and tidy but not filling the compartments full but spacing the books out, adding some decorative objects and even covering some books in pretty fabric. You might think this is a crazy idea, but she has a LOT of Barbie books and primary colours don’t really work in this space. Covering them means they look great in the bookcase and add an element of surprise to story time – you ever know which book it’ll be! Exhibit A above. That is a genuine reaction to discovering the book inside the pretty fabric. I will show you how to do this soon.

To finish off the cabinet fronts I used leather handles in chestnut from NU interieur|ontwerp (I use these in pretty much every project, forgive me but they’re cool). You might also know that the door fronts of the Stuva wardrobe from Ikea has a handle cut into it already on one of the doors, so to make it all look uniform, I purchased a second set of doors and used two flat doors and put leather handles on them.

Here’s one more before glance…




The vintage cupboard at the end of the bed is where we store the bulk of Lola’s toys from lego to puzzles and also some of the younger (and less attractive) books that her friends can access easily. The suitcase on top of it is from a shopping trip to Merci Paris when we went to Paris last year and houses doll’s clothes. Mr. Buttons is the monkey soft toy on top of the suitcase who was made by hand entirely out of socks by our good friend Meg Fussell who is a very creative little lady that we admire a lot.




Naturally, Lola had to do an outfit change halfway through this shoot. Any diva would.

The gallery above the reading nook is a special collection of artworks, vintage postcards and things that I have collected for the last few years. The left most graphic print is by Minted.




So that is Lola’s bedroom! I hope you enjoyed the tour every bit as much as I enjoyed designing, decorating and capturing this space for Lola and you.

In case you spotted something you like, here’s the resource list below. Back on Monday to share a beautiful book with you guys that is very dear to my heart.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Holly (and Lola) x

Shopping List: Paint colour: Light Blue by Farrow & Ball | Bed linen, toy cupboard, bedside stool: Vintage | Floral quilt: Schoolhouse Electric | Decorative pillows: Fest Amsterdam | Bugs poster: Sissy Boy Homeland | Wooden train with ‘Lola’ engraved onto it: Ikonic Toys | Bedside sconce: Nordlux | Wall hooks: LayerTree | Floral suitcase (on white cabinet): Merci Paris | White desk lamp: Pomax via vtwonen | String lights: Cotton Ball Lights | Reading bench: IKEA Besta | Wardrobe: IKEA Stuva | Upholstered bench pillow: made to measure by Shannon Moyer/Pheasant Gold | Linen pillows in ‘Almond’: By Molle |Leather cabinet pulls: NU interieur|ontwerp | Ceiling light: Muuto| Rug: Pink Rug Co. | Play kitchen: IKEA 

// Styling and Photography: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle | With thanks to Juliane Stany and Nina le Blanc for your assistance on this project

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  1. hannalieke says:

    Hello holly, really very pleased to see this inspiring room. My daughter of the same age is already asking if she gets the same room. IT gives us envy and energie to build also her room to something similar with our own touch and belongings. Really thank you a lot for your sharing!!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    You have absolutely outdone yourself on Lola’s room. Utterly love it and I want to move straight in xxxx

  3. Imke says:

    Oh wow! I love it!!

  4. Jelena says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! All of it, but I love the reading nook, am on the lookout for different options for Una’s new bedroom.

  5. Lori says:


    Lola’s room looks amazing!!! She must love it!

  6. Eva says:

    Supercool. Very inspiring indeed! Hands are itching now!

  7. Look at that! Could I be your daughter in my next life please? I would love a bedroom like Lola’s when I was a child! Is amazing! Congrats!

  8. Só cozy! Really, really lovely!!

  9. Eva Burgess says:

    Holly, I love it! Especially the reading nook section. Very clever and very pretty

  10. elena says:

    Me encanta la alfombra y todo en general. El baul de los disfraces imprescindible jajaja españa!

  11. Agata says:

    You did such a amazing work. I haven’t seen such a well curated room for ages. Absolutely beautiful, the colours,textures, all the nice corners created for a little girl. She is so lucky to have such a talented mom! Congrats!

  12. Caroline says:

    Just beautiful. Very serene and feminine without being pink! We’re planning some building work next year and will be giving our daughter and son their own bedrooms for the first time (very sad!) and this could be adapted to either of them. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Bryony says:

    What an amazing job you have done on Lola’s room!your creativity is inspiring.. I would love to know what white you paired the light blue with please – if has a very serene look to it. Thanks

    • Holly says:

      Hi Bryony, thanks so much. I didn’t use a particular white for this space. Just the pure white standard option at our local home and garden centre. As long as it doesn’t have a yellow/blue undertone to it (so no cream or grey colours) you’ll be fine! Holly

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  15. Nadine says:

    Absolutely lovely room! Can I ask if the picture in the light wooden frame with a girl picking red flowers is by the artist Rie Cramer? Love to find this illustration for the room of my own daughter.

  16. Brigitte says:

    You did an amazing job! All these wonderful details. I am in awe. You gave me so much inspiration for creating a room for my daughter. Thank you!!!

  17. Jules says:

    Hi! Super Nice bedroom, cam you explain more Aboutaleb THE extra set of Doors you needed for THE stuva closet?
    What is THE IKEA hack for this, I’m a bit confusen. (In extra Doors you’ll have THE samen probleem right?)

  18. Sanne says:

    Hi! What an amazing room! Very inspiring! Maybe I missed it in tour blog, but where did you buy the carpet? Thank you for sharing!

    • Holly says:

      Thank you Sanne! The rug I purchased via Etsy from a shop called Pink Rug Co. Still one of my faves in her room 🙂

      All the best, Holly

  19. Maud says:

    I was just talking about the perks of having no kids with a friend last night. I’d love to have some but the sleep deprivation is not something I am looking forward to. At the moment I love taking other peoples’ kids for a night or two, but being able to give them back and get real sleep is awePnme.saulioe recently posted..

  20. andreea says:

    So nice!such a great idea. But what doors did you use,stuva has those ones eith a gap in them….All the things in that room are so precious

    • Holly says:

      Hi Andreea, thank you! I bought two sets of Stuva doors, and only used the panels without the gap so I could attach leather handles instead. Holly

  21. andreea says:

    You are brilliant.thank you so very much,never thought of it.

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  23. tatjana says:

    I love your daughters room! Currently planning my little boys room to turn into a little bit bigger little boys room haha. I love the besta + stuva combination. Only thing I cant figure out is how you combined them since the besta is 40cm deep and the stuva 50cm. Would love to hear how you guys fixed that!


  24. Andrea says:

    Hi, great pics. Can you tell me what size leather handles you used on the drawers and wardrobe doors? Was looking to use STUVA in my son’s room and these handles definitely elevate the look, and would help tie in with his antique wood sleigh bed. Any ideas though – I don’t like fact that STUVA wardrobe when fitted on top of STUVA drawers is then higher than the STUVA benches- the look isn’t as clean as yours, when you fit with BESTA, especially as Besta compartments are same width as STUVA wardrobe. However I need mine all to be same depth – you haven’t come across any other clever combinations that would give same look as yours but with equal depth? THank you in advance! Andrea

    • judith says:

      i’ve got the very same problem and i can’t find a satisfying solution.. have you come across something nice? i love the combination of colours and furniture – in short the whole style – in this room and since we are going to move into a new flat, i’d like to have something similar in my daughter’s room.

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  26. Pepper says:

    Holly, this is awesome! I love your work!
    I´m searching for a similar color for the kidsroom, but I would like it to have a pale green touch. To me the color in Lolas room looks like that but maybe it´s just on the photos? Do you see it as a greenish blue, or a clean blue? I checked the color on F&B´s site and on one picture it seems to turn out green, on the other it´s really blue. So I´m not sure now, if Pale Powder would be better. So hard to choose!


    • Holly says:

      Hi Pepper, thank you! This colour is a perfect blend of green/blue/grey to me. I was really picky when it came to the colour and am still really pleased with it. Might be worth getting a sample pot of Light Blue and Pale Powder to check how they come out on your walls because depending on the light the colour can translate as slighly different in different environments. Good luck! Holly

      • Pepper says:

        Thanks for your quick reply!
        I think ordering the samples will be the best solution! But good to hear that the light blue seems to be what i´m looking for!

  27. Anna says:


    So pleased I found your blog, hope you don’t mind me asking what colour you went for with the Muuto ceiling light, it looks like a very soft pink? but on the website the pink looks very much a baby pink rather than a soft pink. Or is your white/pale grey and it just a trick of the light!

    Thanks so much, I’m having a tough time working out lighting for my little boys room, I’m not against pink just not too much of a barbie pink 😉

    LOVE the half painted wall effect, I will be doing this too.

    Anna xx

    • Holly says:

      Hi Anna! The light is indeed the pink variation of the Muuto E27 pendant. It is a true pink but maybe the terracotta would be a less girly option for your boys room? All the best, good luck and have fun piecing it all together. Holly

  28. Eline says:

    Hi Holly, a very inspirational room you created here. Would love to know where you got the bunting from. The colours would exactly fit the colour scheme I have in mind for my kids’ shared bedroom. Thanks!Eline

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  30. katherine says:

    Gorgeous room! I’m just wondering if the besta units used for the bench and under the stuva come in single units? In other words is that what is beneath the Stuva wardrobe? A single besta unit? Trying to locate one but without any luck. Many thanks. x

  31. katherine says:

    Found it!

  32. Amanda Miramontes says:

    This room is so lovely! Where did you find the bolga baskets on the bookshelf? I love them and haven’t been able to find any with the handles on each side. Thank you!

  33. Pearl says:

    Bravo!! Like it very much!! So functional and nice touch!


  35. Aletha Riter says:

    What a lucky child to have a Beautiful, Functional, Living space to grow in…I can’t imagine what it will look like at sweet 16… this is an Awesome bedroom.. love your style..

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Aletha! Hopefully Lola develops her own lovely style over the years, am definitely planting the seed! Holly

  36. Gabriela Tornabene says:

    Hi! Congratulations on such outstanding design!!
    I was wondering if the BESTA shelf units have doors or drawers?? I can only find them with door and I don’t know how practical that would be to store toys and other children stuff.
    Hopefully you can give me an insight on that.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Gabriela, thank you! The Besta unit you see in Lola’s room has doors. I placed the leather handles in the middle of each door so it looks like a drawer but it is not. This is because I felt a central pull looked more balanced on the whole, and the door still opens (functions) perfectly with the pull in the middle! I use this lower storage to keep clothes and bed linens from when she was little, before I eventually sort through it all and store what I would like to keep elsewhere and give away the rest. As long as there is no rug in the way of opening the doors, this area is also perfectly suitable for storing toys and books that are used frequently. In our case, we have sufficient storage elsewhere and Lola never goes into the lower storage part of her reading nook area, so we have the rug and it work just fine. Hope this helps, Holly x

      • Gabriela Tornabene says:

        Thank you for replying! It was helpful on making my mind about trying it in our living room for toys. 🙂

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  38. Sita says:

    hi Holly!

    I love this bedroom, my daughters room seems a bit the same, I like it a lot…..
    I’m wondering, where did you Find the carpet on the Floor?

    Hope to heer drom you, Susa

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  40. Wendy says:

    This is a fantastic room, I can’t stand prescriptive, overly princessy type things,with no though for individuality. Love the colours and texture but also great book choice, absolutely loved Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady when I was small….. Still do….

  41. Kathi Ellermann says:

    Hi Holly,

    I love that bedroom!

    I am wondering what kind of wooden floor did you use


  42. Gerie says:

    Hi Holly,

    Wauw! What A beautifull room!! I have been searching for the carpet, but could not find it.
    Could you help me?

    Thanks a lot!!

  43. Cibel says:

    Hi, Holly. LOVE your work. Lovely room! Where did you find the pink baskets in Lola’s bookcase and the one on her desk? Gorgeous!

  44. Nienke says:

    Oh I am so in love with this room.. thank you for the inspiration! and thanks to you I am currently hunting that beautiful book.. it would be lovely to share with our little girl when she gets older!

  45. Victoria says:

    Hi!!! I’m so in love with this makeover and ideas for a girl’s bedroom and finally I’mexpecting a little baby girl so I might just take some inspiration!! I love the Stuva-Besta combination but need to ask you wich doors did u use for the wardrobe? Couldn’t find anything like this at ikea, did u make them yourself? Thank you!! Victoria

    • Holly says:

      Hi Victoria, I am happy you are inspired by Lola’s room 🙂 The door fronts of the Stuva wardrobe typically come as a set of two, one with a handle cut into it and one without. To make the entire design look and feel uniform, I purchased a second set of doors and used only the two flat doors (without handle cut-out) and finished off all the doors with leather handles in chestnut from Design Studio Nu. This way all the fronts looks the same (as the Best doors below are also flat). Good luck, Holly

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  47. Wannes says:


    What is de height of the besta cabines of the Reading bench?

    Kind Regards,

    • Holly says:

      The Besta cabinet is typically 38cm high. The multiplex wood sheet above that brings the height to 40cm. Hope that helps! Holly

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  49. Janine says:

    the room are fantastic. Can you tell me the cm of the stuva and best. I could`t find them. The stuva is 60 x 50 x 128 cm??? And the besta is 60 x 40 x38 ? Is this correct??? 50 and 40 are not the same. How you make it??
    Thank you so much

    • Holly says:

      Hi Janine, you are correct, the Besta is 40cm deep and the Stuva is 50cm deep. We chose these pieces specifically to allow 10cm of space at the bottom for heating pipes that run along the wall. But you can still combine the two. Just line the pieces up along the front, make sure you attach the Stuva to the Besta to each other (and to the wall if possible) and cover up the gap at the back with a piece of plywood like we have done, and put a cushion on top! Does that make sense? Good luck, Holly

  50. Anike says:

    Beautiful room! I would like to ask how you put de stuva on top of the besta closet? Because the besta is 40 cm en the stuva is 50 cm and you want it to stand solid on top of each other. I hope you can help me with this, Thank you! Anike

    • Holly says:

      Hi Anike,
      Yes indeed, the Besta is 40cm and the Stuva is 50cm deep. We chose these pieces specifically to allow 10cm of space at the bottom for the heating pipes. But you can still do this. Just line the pieces up along the front, make sure you attach the Stuva to the Besta to each other (and to the wall if possible) and cover up the gap at the back with a piece of plywood like we have done, and put a cushion on top! Does that make sense? Good luck, Holly

  51. Laraine Samson says:

    The room is beautiful, and the colours are perfect. I wondered where you purchased your Roman Blind or were they made by yourself. It’s just so nice and simple.

    • Holly says:

      Thank you, Laraine. We used a company here in the Netherlands called Veneta for our roman blinds. They come and measure and offer simple blinds at reasonable prices. Any curtain shop would be able to make these too though. We used a lightweight linen. Holly

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  54. Jocelyn Forsythe says:

    Hey Holly,

    I love the paint choices here! You said you chose neutral whites for the upper area. I’m just wondering if you chose to paint the trim, ceiling, and walls all the same white? If so, would you mind sharing your paint colour choices?


    • Holly says:

      Hi Jocelyn, thank you! I indeed did the top half of the walls and ceiling the same shade of white. This was just a RAL-9010, nothing special just a bright white. I’d advise to do the woodwork the same shade in the right wood finish. Holly

  55. Kim says:

    Wow!! I’m ridiculously impressed by this room! Can you tell me the dimensions? I’m moving soon and would to create something similar for my little boy.

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  57. Ally says:

    Hi I am from HK. I love the room A LOT! And I am so glad to know that the wardrobe and reading bench are IKEA which means I can re-create it in HK! But I’m not sure which size of Besta and Stuva to buy? The Besta seems to have 60cm W x 40cm D only while the Stuva measures 60cm W x 50cm D??? thank you so much in advance.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Ally, the Besta is 40cm and the Stuva is 50cm deep. We chose these pieces specifically to allow 10cm of space at the bottom for the heating pipes. But you can still do this. Just line the pieces up along the front, make sure you attach the Stuva to the Besta to each other (and to the wall if possible) and cover up the gap at the back with a piece of plywood like we have done, and put a cushion on top! All the best, Holly

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  59. Micky says:

    Hi Holly!
    I love love love the room you designed for your daughter. In fact, I love it so much I am copying it for my daughter…
    Since the handy-work needs to be performed by me (my husband has ‘twee linke handen’:-)) I was wondering if you could give me insight into how you attached the Stuva to the Besta cabinet and what you used to secure the Stuva to the wall behind it? (I have the same problem with the pipes running along the wall and a 10 cm gap) Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Holly says:

      Hi Micky, so pleased you have found inspiration in Lola’s space and are brave enough to attempt creating a wardrobe like her now all alone! The Besta/Stuva are attached together simply with some screws and secured to the wall with larger more heavy duty screws. We did not need to attached the lower Besta element to the wall. Good luck, Holly

  60. elise says:

    Hi Holly!

    Love love the room! Just one quick question… How did you get the line between the 2 colors so clean? Dis you first paint the whole wall in white and then made the section with papertape?
    If yes, when did you take of the tape? when green paint is still wet?
    Because when i do it, there is always paint blathering when i take off 🙁

    Hope you can help me!

    Thank you,

  61. elise says:

    Hi Holly,

    Just another quick question… How much paint did you need for the hole room in ‘Light blue’?


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  64. Merel says:


    I’ve made the same Ikea closet in my daughters bedroom. But i was wondering. Where die you find the fabric for the cushion?

    Thank you!!

  65. Dominique says:

    Sorry I know Lola now has a big girl room but still fixated with this one!
    Just hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me re: the paint (apologies if answered before, I did search but couldn’t find):

    1) what is the approx height you have painted the blue colour too
    2) any tips on painting in such a straight line?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Holly says:

      No problem, Dominique. The height of the blue colour is about 120cm from the floor. We used a very good quality painters tape to achieve the nice straight line. All the best, Holly

  66. Sam says:

    Hello there

    What a fabulous hack!! Really, really pretty 🙂

    I’m in the middle of fitting out my home office and have used besta and stuva shelving in a similar way, chopping the tops off to work with the sloping ceilings though.

    My question for you is about how you have set up the desk – can you tell me where you found the brackets? They are exactly what I’m looking for!

    Thank you!


    • Holly says:

      Hi Sam, thank so much! It’s amazing what you can do with Ikea when you think creatively. We found the brackets at our local home & garden centre here in the Netherlands (Gamma). Hopefully you can find something similar! All the best, Holly

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