Project H Bedroom Reveal: Before & After


It’s always very exciting to finish up a project and see a room come together after months of work. Today I am thrilled to share with you the first room reveal of ‘Project H’, a client whose penthouse apartment near Amsterdam I have been styling for the past half year. We have transformed the kitchen, studio, living and master bedroom and though there is lots more to show you, let’s take a tour around the bedroom with before and after images I am sure will have you pinning up a storm. If my bedroom is anything to go by, I am sure you will love this pace. Let’s peek inside!


A little bit about this space. With ceilings that curve from 3 meters at it’s highest point on the one side of the room to almost down to the floor on the other, decorating and styling this space was a bit tricky. The space goes from almost too large on the one side, where the bed is placed, to almost too cramped on the other, resulting in a room that – before we got started – felt very unbalanced, with pieces that didn’t do the proportions of the room justice. 

Bedroom H pink blog

The client wanted to create a light and bright bedroom that still felt warm and inviting. She wanted it to be simple and unfussy, but with subtle touches of colour and contrast so it didn’t feel stark. Above is part of the interior design concept I created for her, introducing a feminine but minimal colour palette, warm textures and materials and a bit of contrast to grab the eye. Here’s the room before…



… And after! The first thing to go was the wallpaper, which I felt was very distracting and busy, and detracted from the light and interesting scale of the room. We applied a very neutral but warm shade of grey to the walls – Ammonite by Farrow and Ball, a colour I have used so many times and is always a winner is you want a space to stay light and bright but to feel cosy at the same time, and a great grey that is not too cold, thanks to it’s brown (as opposed to blue) undertones.

As the curvature of the ceiling made it tricky to have nice window dressings, we added a sheer and wispy panel of linen to soften up the hardness of the existing blinds, which were pretty much the only option for this space to cover the windows in a practical way. That little bit of softness goes a long way, as the windows are one of the first things you see when you walk into the room. I love a slight pooling of the linen on the floor too, it just makes me happy.

In this space, simplicity was key. My client has a preference for minimalism, so I took care not to overdo the styling, opting for simple lines and lots of texture to soften the room up (think natural materials – linen, wool, cotton, wood, pottery – in varying shades and structures).

Here’s another peek at the ‘before’ showing the door to the bedroom from the hallway – You can get a grasp of the curvature of the ceiling here:



Having the couple’s bed reupholstered was a major game-changer in the room. Though the bed is amazing and the upholstery is signature for the brand (Hästens), I was not sold on it and it made the bed look and feel incredibly chunky, when I wanted to streamline everything.

It was a precise job, and involved 13 meters of fabric, but it makes such a difference and allows all the other elements in the room to have a chance to shine.





To accentuate the height of the room, yet bring the focus down to eye level, I had two draping drop pendants installed, falling to each side of the bed with a black cord and an opal lightbulb on the end – so it doesn’t shine in the eyes and provides a soft light for night time reading. The black cords really draw the focus and lead the eye down to the natural linen bedding and textiles we styled the bed with.



A small gallery on one side of the bed displays vintage artworks and etchings, framed in various shades of wood to add contrast and whimsy and create a focal point when entering the space.



Drop pendants with brass hardware and African mudcloth pillows are a couple of my favourite details. I love the graphic pattern in the pillows, while they still lend themselves to simplicity. I used them in the Project K bedroom reveal too – clearly can’t get enough!



Here is a ‘before’ view of the other end of the room, where the ceiling curves very low, leaving little room for furniture or styling. We replaced those dark grey cabinets with something more streamlined, which still offered plenty of storage space (the couple’s main wardrobe is in the studio next door, which I’ll show you more of soon) for extra blankets, pyjamas and other bits and pieces.









Simple styling on the floating sideboard appealed very much to the family cat, as you can see, but not before her had a thorough inspection.

I am pleased to report that he was mightily impressed with the redesign of the space and would like it to remain this way forever more. Despite his less-than-amused expression above, he has a particular affection to the greenery in the space.



That’s it for room reveal number one at Project H, folks! It’s been a fabulous project with the most amazing client who has an incredible eye for design and quality. I can’t wait to show you what we have done to her kitchen (here’s a sneak peek from the install a few days ago), studio space and huge living area. Lots and lots of pretty coming your way!


So, what do you think of this bedroom? Anything you spotted that you would love to have at home? Anything you would have done differently?

I am really pleased with how this room turned out. It went from being drab and proportionally unbalanced to spacious and textural, and is such a nice room to walk into. That touch of nude against the soft palette is so dreamy. Swooning over that rug too, but the way – I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one like that on my next trip to Marrakech this June!

If you enjoyed this post, here are a few more bedrooms I have styled:

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Holly xx

Styling, concept & photography: Holly Marder for Avenue Lifestyle | Assistance: Malou Muizer and Nina le Blanc 

Please note, out of respect for my client, I am not at liberty to share with you all of the sources of the items used in the design of the space. I hope you understand!

130 Responses to “Project H Bedroom Reveal: Before & After”

  1. Jelena says:

    Hi Holly, the space looks serene and warm, love it! And actually the curved ceiling gives a uniqueness, even though it’s harder to style. And the pillows really make a difference, love the graphic.
    I was wondering about the focal point with the art work: I love the asymmetricality (if that’s a word) that it gives to the room, but did you also think of balancing the other side out? In the picture you have some leaves, which more temporary than the frames of course. Just curious about your styling thought process :). Thanks!

    • Holly says:

      Hi Jelena! Thank you so much. I wanted to keep the space as minimal as possible (as that is the way my client prefers things) but for there still to be some pretty focal points in the space. I love the asymmetry of the art gallery off the the one side as it adds something whimsical to the space and draws the eye the moment you walk into the room. On the other side, there are the walnut wall hooks for hanging clothes on, and the client has some space to place a plant or some greenery on her bedside, books for reading, etc. We were careful to to clutter up the space and leave some white space too so the focus lands on the details we have created and the interested architecture is highlighted and not disguised. H x

  2. Jo says:

    Hi Holly,
    I adore everything about this bedroom. So calm and restful – but wonderfully stylish too.

    I’m definitely going to copy the mini gallery idea above my bedside table. I would love a chair like the one you have featured here for a ‘reading corner’ in our new bedroom – I understand your client’s wishes re not revealing sources but it would be great if you can point me in the direction of anything smiler that you know of? Thanks Jo x

  3. Brooklyn W. says:

    I love everything about that bed! Especially the pillows 😉

  4. Sandy says:

    This is beautiful! I wish you could spill the source of that wooden bowl – I’ve been searching for one just like that!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the home.

  5. Sarah Smutny says:

    Holly, great job again!

    Of which brand are the bedside tables?

  6. Juanita Hendriks says:

    Hi Holly! Lovely, ethereal space. The green in the room with the living plant provides a really great focal point and a contrast. I have a question about the paint color. Ammonite is on the wall behind the bed. Did you paint the rest of the room in a F&B white, or other white? If so, can you recommend the name?


  7. geraldine says:

    This is gorgeous Holly! You are one talented lady xx

  8. Marie-Pier Blanchard says:

    Hi! I was wondering if maybe you remember the name of the wall color. It looks like a pale grey and I really like it. Thanks

  9. Hi Holly, I absolutely love what you have done with this space. The small gallery of artwork, the cushion choice and the rug are just everything!! Such a talented lady. Well done. Kath x

  10. Elspeth says:

    Hi- am in love with the lights and the curtain effect you’ve created with the draping of the cords. Any chance you’re able to let us know where the loghts are from? ??

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  12. Kristina says:

    Hi, can you tell me where the side tables are from?


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  14. Anna says:

    I love this room! Beautiful. 🙂 Where are the pendants from?

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  17. Jenny says:

    So nice! where is the carptet from?

  18. Chris Ong says:

    LOVE IT! I need those floating sideboards!

  19. Yoyi says:

    Hi Holly,
    Love everything from this project. Allí the details are so accurately chosen. Love it! , specially the nude pillow cases. I couldn’t fine that color anywhere. Can you give me any hint? Please!
    Thank you,

  20. Melody says:

    Hi there,
    Would love to know where the lights are from – I’ve been searching for hours 🙂

  21. Nite says:

    Are those the pink salt colored pillow cases from Moelle?

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  23. Louise says:

    I absolutely adore this! Really an inspiration! Where did you get those gorgeous pictures?

  24. Amanda says:

    I adore every single detail. Especially love love love the leather handles on the cabinets. I just moved into my first apartment and this is such an inspiration. I hope to one day have a cozy minimal nook like this. A designers dream *__*

  25. Ali says:

    I want this whole bedroom in my own bedroom!! Can you tell where the black and white pillows are from?

  26. Marianne says:

    Wow, this is beautiful!!
    I would really love to know where I could find comparable sideboards (the white ones with leather grip, for pyama’s, pieces, etc)
    Can you give me advice?

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  28. Lydia says:

    Hi Holly,

    Everything about this room is perfection! Can you tell us where the rug is from? Or what brand it is? I have been looking for something exactly like it.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Lydia,

      Thank you. The rug is a Moroccan beni ourain which we sourced online. I actually picked up a similar piece to stock in my studio while I was in Marrakech last week. Drop me a line ( for more details. Holly

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  31. Alexis says:

    Hi! Absolutely love the finished room. I’m actually revamping some of my furniture and was planning on making drawer pulls exactly like the ones pictured on the floating cabinets. The one thing I haven’t been able to find though is the right bolt or screw to finish it off. Did the cabinet come with those as is or did you source them from elsewhere? Alternately do you know of any places that might carry something like that? Thanks!

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  35. Eliza says:

    I really love the simplicity of this room, very beautiful. I imagine it being like a breath of fresh air every time the client walks into this room. Just curious what kind of wood floors are those?

  36. Michelle says:

    This room is so amazing! Simply beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  38. Kasia says:

    OMG it is perfect. It looks exactly like my dream bedroom! You gave me a burst of inspiration, thank you so much.

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  43. Maria says:

    I love the ceramics Holly, can you let me know where to get some similar?

  44. Helen says:

    Hi Holly , where are the pendant lamps from ?

  45. Michelle says:

    This room is absolutely stunning. I’m definitely going to be replicating the gallery wall in my bedroom. What may I ask are the sizes of those frames?

  46. Judith says:

    Hello I love you wall color. I was wondering what color is it ?

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  48. Andrea says:

    Hi Holly , where are the pendant lamps from ?

  49. allison says:

    Hello! This bedroom is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
    Would you happen to be able to share the source for the blush/rose colored solid pillows on the bed?

  50. Raquel says:

    Excelente espacio muy relajado.
    You want to make your home more beautiful? May be you need one of this fine art

  51. Karina says:

    Hallo. I love this bedroom. Can you tell me where you bought the blush pillows? Tanks a Lot, Karina

  52. Elise says:

    Hey Holly,

    Prachtige kamer !! Mag ik vragen waar de mooie hanglamp van komt aub? en komt die per 2 koppen?
    Dank je:-)

  53. Talia says:

    Beautiful! Where did you find the sketch/ drawing of the woman’s back? I’ve been searching for one just like this and having a difficult time. Thanks!

  54. Maria says:

    Hi! I love the balance of this room and the light colours! It still feels cosy without being too dark which is fab! I was wondering more specifically where you found the long black textile cables for the lamps? I have looked in Sweden, Italy, Singapore and Dubai for one and I only found 1 italian company that makes the 5 meter cable in black but I can’t find a supplier anywhere. So any tips would be welcome:)

    Thanks for sharing this inspiration – again the room looks beautiful and I’m particularly fond of the rug! Wish I had one like that!


  55. devyn says:

    hello!! i love this bedroom decor soo much, I was wondering where you got the night stand from?

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  58. Teri says:

    Would love to know what colors the duvet cover and curtains were in. They translate differently in each picture so it’s hard to tell if it’s ivory or white or flax, etc…?. It looks beautiful!

  59. Greg says:

    Loving that night stand as well. Do you happen to know the maker?

  60. Charrier Aurélien says:

    Hello, love your idea, style and colours!What is the mark of the chair? it is too beautiful!
    Thank you!

  61. Matilda says:

    Beautiful room, Holly. So serene.

    What color linen is the duvet? I love it.

  62. Aimee Louise says:

    Hi! Just love this. Which finish did you use? I am going to order a sample pot of ammonite. This room is perfection!

  63. Wooww !! I have loved congratulations to the person who has written it

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  65. Wow! I love it! Thanks!

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  67. Isabel says:

    Hi, love the bedroom can you please tell me what is the paint color on the wall? Thank you!

  68. Natasha says:

    Hi holly, well done on the beautiful and thoughtfully styled bedroom. It’s wonderful! Just a quick question., is the sideboard from Ikea? I can’t find it anywhere. Also your source for the leather handles has moved website and is nowhere to be found ? Thanks for guiding me in the right direction! ?

    • Holly says:

      Hi Natasha, thank you very much. The sideboard is an Ikea Besta, combined with Superfront doors and accessories. I will update the leather handles link, thanks for the heads up! All the best, Holly

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  70. Gabby says:

    I love this room! It’s adorable, and I love the colors!

  71. Claudia says:

    I see it’s been asked before but not answered, so hopefully somebody can help me out – where is the light pendant from? I’ve been looking into getting one for my bedroom, but I cannot seem to find one this long anyhere. Perhaps it was diy..?

  72. Mathew Ambler says:

    Love your design, I was wondering where you found the pendant lights?

  73. Courtney says:

    Love the minimalism. I was wondering where you bought those blush linen shams? I’ve been looking for just that color.

  74. When you have a choice of bedroom fitted wardrobe, what are the options in terms of designs or finishes? Let us look at some characteristics that you can consider before purchasing one that will perfectly fit your bedroom where you spend a large part of your life.

  75. becky says:

    What are the sizes of those picture frames? Love them together.

  76. paula says:

    Hi…love the look and feel of the room. Where did you find the wooden bowl and the side chair ?

    • Holly says:

      Hi Paula, thank you. The chair is the ‘Fly Chair’ by &tradition. Not sure about the bowl, the client already had this one. Holly

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  78. Olivia says:

    I was wondering where the bedside table was from?

  79. Krystal H. says:

    Do you have sources for the picture frames? I need this exact setup in my living room 😉

    • Holly says:

      Hi Krystal, the art you see in this space is mostly vintage (and was relatively affordable) with custom framing. Try looking on Etsy and searching the term ‘etching’ or ‘vintage etching’ to find one-off original pieces. You obviously won’t find the exact sae pieces but you’ll be able to pull together a similar look. With framing, still to simple oak or walnut frames, and throw in a black one for contrast too 🙂 Hope this helps. Holly

  80. Gina says:

    Hello, I wondered Where the carpet is from, I love the whole interior, but all I need in my room right know is a New carpet. So please let me know!

    • Holly says:

      Dear Gina, the carpet was purchased through a seller on Etsy. If you search ‘Beni Ouarain’ you’ll be sure to find something similar!

  81. Kasia says:


    Could you please tell me where did you buy the bedside cabinet? I would like to contact you to talk about the project for my new apartment. I am searching for someone and you look like a perfect person for that. I love your style:)

    Greetings Kasia

  82. Fernanda says:

    I love your style!
    I will start blogging as soon as possible on my website and I would like to use one picture of this post,I’m going to write about Scandinavian Style, may I use the picture writing the source? Thank you

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  84. Anelyse says:

    Hi, I love how you designed this room! Would it be possible to let me know where you found the end-of-table bench?

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