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As a columnist for Holly Becker’s blog decor8 for the last three years, I am probably a little biased, but you cannot deny that Ms Becker is a incredibly talented, creative and bursting with drive and passion. She has been in the blogging biz for a decade and has authored several books on decorating. I continue to write my column ‘Homes with Heart‘ on her blog with joy each month and have always been honoured that she regards my work as good enough to feature on the pages of decor8. So when she asked to shoot some stories for her latest book, which she has co-authored with the delightful and equally talented Leslie Shewring, I was absolutely over the moon. After many months of hard work, it brings me so much joy to share a few peeks inside their book Decorate for a Party: Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings published by Jacqui Small / Quarto, available now on pre-order.


This is Holly Beckers’ fourth book alongside Decorate which she wrote in 2011 and Decorate Workshop, written in 2012), and the second she has authored with Leslie after the success of Decorate with Flowers. What an accomplishment! When I started photographing about five years ago (more out of necessity than anything else in the beginning), I never imagined I would one day have my work showcased in a book, let alone one belonging to two women I have long admired. Capturing spaces, people and scenes has become not only internal to the work that I do as a stylist but also a passion and appreciation that runs deep into my heart and soul. I have worked hard to build up my skill with no formal training, and being asked to collaborate in this capacity on a project this beautiful is so deeply gratifying that I could almost burst.

Decorate for A Party, p65, photography by Holly Marder

Decorate for A Party, p66-7, photography by Holly Marder copy

The book is all about creating meaningful gatherings using a little of Holly and Leslie’s creativity to make your guests feel welcome, appreciated and inspired. Each page is overflowing with easy ideas to incorporate into your next party, accompanied by beautiful photography of creatively styled spaces. I collaborated with Holly and Leslie on several of the stories in the book, working in my own home, as well as Holly’s home and surroundings in Hannover, Germany. I had such fun working with them both, chatting, styling, sharing and laughing. Definitely one of my most memorable work collaborations to date!

Decorate for A Party, p1, photography by Holly Becker

Holly spontaneously snapped this photograph of me in her home holding a handful of balloons and I was very surprised to see it on the very first page of the book! Perhaps I might have worn a little extra mascara that morning had I known that in advance, ahem

We worked indoors and outdoors, in our homes and in her local forest on this beautiful rustic setting below. What I love most about the book is that each and every idea is simple, obtainable but so unique at the same time. I will definitely be snapping up some ideas for my next party – love the simple fabric garland above this picnic table and those darling picnic hampers wrapped in liberty fabrics.

Decorate for A Party, p117, photography by Holly Marder copy

Decorate for A Party, p118, photography by Holly Marder copy

A beautiful book that deserves to be on the bookshelf of everyone who loves to entertain, craft, feed, laugh, and gather. If this post hasn’t convinced you of that, take a look at this inspirational video that’ll surely have you racing for the bookstore (make sure you have your sound turned on and watch it full screen!):


Isn’t that video just so beautiful? The guy who made it is a very good friend of mine Koen Folkerts, and the dude who made my video. We have worked on several projects together, including this beautiful bridal shoot, and will be working together again in the next couple of weeks on an exciting project I’ll let you in on very soon. Long story short, he’s awesome. Very talented, perceptive, calm and creative. He never disappoints and I am in awe of the magic he and Holly created together on this video – beautiful!

The book is available for pre-order now. For US readers: Amazon| Barnes & Noble | For UK readers: Amazon | For German readers: Amazon and to celebrate it’s release, you can win one of 5 copies over at Decor8!

I hope that you race off to secure yourself a copy of this beautiful book. It is full of ideas that will have you creating your own magic in preparation for your next party guests. And for Holly and Leslie, thank you for taking me with you on this journey, for trusting me to capture your vision, for filling my heart with joy and passion and for being my friends. Congratulations on another beautiful piece of work, it is certainly one to be immensely proud of.

Have a fabulous week,

Holly x

Photo credits: 1 and 6: Holly Marder | 2, 3, 5: Holly Marder for Decorate for a Party | 4. Holly Becker for Decorate for a Party | Video Credits:
Videographer + Director: Koen Folkerts, 
Narratief | Creative Direction + Styling: Holly Becker | Location: Morten + Tinna Pedersen, Hannover, Germany; Models: Emma Pedersen, Nora Hartmann, Nanna Eriksen | Music: By Film Composer Steven Gutheinz – Isle (Licensed through Music Bed)

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  1. […] who helped Leslie and I take photos for the book, kicked off the reviews today on her blog Avenue Lifestyle and we are really pleased and happy by what she’s said because even though this is my 4th […]

  2. […] who helped Leslie and I take photos for the book, kicked off the reviews today on her blog Avenue Lifestyle and we are really pleased and happy by what she’s said because even though this is my 4th […]

  3. Sarah says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations Holly! You are an inspiration to me. 🙂

  4. Leslie says:

    What a wonderful post Holly! Thank you so much! I hope our paths cross in person one day soon. Take care. xoxo

  5. Anna says:

    I’m wondering what the name of the green/grey color you have been using in your #avenueprojectH where you also had the string shelfs. Is it Frenchgrey from farrow and ball or something else?
    Thanks for an inspiring blog!

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