Light to Dark: Transitioning your Living with the Light


As we transition between the seasons, feeling that sense of renewal and change in the home is every bit as satisfying to the soul as experiencing the changes outdoors. Here in Europe, the light drops so much as winter rolls in that it always inspires us to give things a bit of a refresh and make our homes extra cosy, adding a richer, warmer palette and soft textiles to make those cold evenings all the more comfortable. No major updates needed, but simply swapping out the textiles and a few accessories can make such an impact and today we are excited to share how we have done just that, transitioning the living space from light to dark, in collaboration with Bemz.

Have you heard of Bemz before? They are a Swedish label providing beautiful covers for best-selling current and discontinued Ikea sofas and chairs. They offer a huge range of fabrics in their in-house sofa cover collection but also work in collaboration with well known designers including Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix and Tom Dixon. For this project we chose to work with their collection of Designers Guild fabrics for the renowned quality we know and love of the esteemed British brand, combined with the simple and contemporary Söderhamn sofa. Click through to see what we came up with!


Fresh and crisp, this space is effortless and timeless. Perfect for warmer months where the light is in abundance and garden doors are flung open to allow the breeze to float into the room. Though pared back and minimalist in it’s palette, the space offers comfort in warm tonal shades including rust, amber and charcoal hues seen in the artworks and accessories, as well as accents of oak, rosewood and birch. Woven and structured ceramic elements add body and life to an otherwise austere backdrop, while vintage pieces add character and contrast. Subtle pattern adds a playful component, while beautifully soft linen curtains in a warm shade of beige – woven in Lithuania by Magic Linen – balance out the coolness of the space and soften the lines and cool shade of pale grey on the walls (painted Strong White, by Farrow & Ball). 

In this set-up we have used the Brera Lino Natural sofa cover by Designers Guild for Bemz, a gorgeous pre-washed linen for the Söderhamn sofa in the regular fit. The fabric weaves together both flax and white tones which makes it beautifully textured, and it’s beautifully soft too. We have paired it with the Sergel leg made from natural birch wood. The leg is available in 14cm and 18cm – we have used 14 cm which is the regular leg height for Ikea’s Soderhamn sofa.


To transition the room to a cosy, more moody space that beckons candlelight and warm, wintry evenings in front of the television, we brought in a richer, deeper palette, swapped out the light wool rug for a chocolate brown sisal, changed around the art and replaced the pale pillows for a luscious navy velvet one for extra comfort and a vintage chocolate woven pillow for some pattern.

Dried foliage, warm wooden accents in oak, walnut and rosewood, and those luscious draping linen curtains (from Magic Linen) complete this look and make the space all the more cosy. We’re really feeling the unexpected combination of anthracite grey, chocolate brown, flax and deep indigo blue too. It certainly strikes a beautiful contrast against the crisp walls (which are painted Strong White by Farrow & Ball).

In this set-up we have used the Espresso Brera Lino sofa cover by Designers Guild for Bemz, a pre-washed linen for the Söderhamn sofa, also in the regular fit. The fabric is single tonal, in a rich grey-blue shade that makes it so versatile, and like the lighter version, is a beautifully soft quality. The Sergel leg made from natural birch wood in 14cm provides a nice bit of contrast to the darker sofa, and warms the look up better than the stainless steel leg that comes standard with the Söderhamn sofa.

So what’s your favourite?

The very neutral and pared back ‘light’ set-up or the more moody ‘dark?

We hope today’s post inspires some New Year’s decorating resolutions! Let us know if you’d like to know where anything we have used for this production is from.

Have a beautiful holiday, and we’ll see you in 2019!

Holly & Hedda

Styling and Photography: Avenue Design Studio, in collaboration with Bemz 

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  1. ADRIANA says:

    Hi, where is the white rug from?

  2. Evelyn says:

    I’d love to know where you got ivory rug from – it’s beautiful and looks incredibly cozy. Mind sharing the details?

  3. Sarah says:

    Hello! That looks stunning… especially the lighter version. Could you please tell me, where I can find the white/light grey rug?
    Thanks so much! Sarah

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