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I am so delighted and honoured to be teaching alongside Holly Becker, the founder of the acclaimed lifestyle blog decor8 in her Blogging Your Way e-course ‘BLOG POWER‘ running from 15 April – 9 May 2016, joined by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Design. I absolutely loved sharing all that I know about styling and photography in the last e-course, and am so thrilled to be joining Holly and also Irene to show you how we have built successful creative businesses from the ground up, beginning with our blogs.


For this three week e-course, BLOG POWER, I will be sharing everything from setting up a home office, running a business as a working mother and balancing work and everything that falls outside of it, working alone as a freelancer and staying inspired, generating an income as a start-up creative and building a solid foundation for future earning potential and SO much more. I am putting my classes together at the moment and am so excited to share it all!

Holly, Irene and myself are all working mothers with young children, we all have blogs, and we all are working professionally with clients, on assignments, living as expats in foreign lands, and meeting the challenges of everyday life while trying to maintain a business. We know how to build a company and earn money doing it, all from our blogs as the base, and we are going to explain how we do it.

Together, we’ll cover:

  • How to find your passions and identify your core skills
  • How to decide how you want to “look” online in two parts: For those new to social media and to all currently branded online looking to change things up.
  • Can you realistically do what you love for a living? We’ll break it down and explore this topic.
  • How do you generate an income when you don’t know what market rates are or even what your work is worth?
  • How to avoid discouragement when growth and engagement isn’t as expected, and then, what to do about it.
  • How to work alone successfully as a freelancer when you only have yourself to learn from and talk to all day…
  • How to stay focused and keep reinventing yourself when you think everyone is already covering what you want to do.
  • The hard stuff: the reality of working for yourself and how to overcome the hurdles and finding success
  • How to balance being a parent while also hoping to start (or keep) your business going
  • How to know which tools to sharpen to become better at what you do
  • Ways to keep your content strong and flowing
  • How to find great stories in everyday life (even if you don’t live in an exciting city!)
  • The future of blogging and social networking in general and what it means for us.
  • Tours of our studios and how we organize things for our small business


You can register for this online workshop for just $99 if you do so by 1 April 1. After that, the price will be slightly higher, so grab a seat fast if you want this discount. The course promises to be a powerful three weeks where you will learn how to grab hold of your blog power and take what you are doing on and offline to a whole new level.

And there’s a giveaway too! In celebration of Holly Becker’s birthday this past week (and mine tomorrow!), we’re teaming up to give away 3 free seats to Blogging Your Way!

All you have to do to win is >>

Head over to Avenue Lifestyle’s Instagram, find our post about the giveaway and comment on what you would like to learn from the class and tag 2 of your friends

Then sit back, relax, and wait for the winner to be announced on

Can’t wait to see you in class next month! #bloggingyourway #blogpower

Holly x

Photography: Hanke Arkenbout

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