Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE & AFTER!

June 27th, 2014

I know I promised this a while ago. I had made the bedroom our project for the month of April, to coincide with a campaign I was participating in with the paint brand Histor. Excitedly, I took you through the inspiration I had put together as a starting point, followed swiftly by a before & during post a week later. I had intended to get the final tour of the finished room to you by the end of April, but then the wedding kinda… happened. Guests started arriving halfway through April and all plans I had of revealing the completed space took a nosedive as I geared up for my big day and soaked up the weeks surrounding. So my apologies for the delay, but I sincerely hope that this full scale bedroom tour well and truly makes up for it! So with much excitement, I present to you our new and very much improved bedroom!

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this excited about writing a blog post, except of course for my wedding posts. They were pretty exciting. It’s like a sigh of relief, a falling away of something heavy that has been resting on my shoulders. To have completed a room in our home {which we bought 6 months ago and have been slowly doing it up ever since, amid wedding prep and busy work schedules} feels SO GOOD. To finally be able to walk away from one whole room and move onto the next is a bit of an achievement for us.

Below is the inspiration behind the redesign of the bedroom. Initially I was going for neutrals with some moody blue tones throughout, but then I decided on going completely neutral as for me, the bedroom should be a tranquil place and I found I was being drawn more towards a light palette with lots of texture. I even painted over the grey wall {two days before my wedding, to my bridesmaid’s horror!} that I had originally painted to achieve the light space I was going for.

Bedroom Inspiration by Avenue Lifestyle

When we took over the house, this room was a disaster zone. So much so that I refused to sleep in it until we had revamped the walls and floor, at the very least. Thankfully, we have a huge space upstairs which will become my studio, so we had some options in the meantime. So we started sleeping upstairs, then worked our way down into our semi-renovated little girl’s room while the floors upstairs were being replaced, and if sleeping in the same room as your toddler isn’t motivation to get your butt into gear, then I don’t know what is. So within a month we had made enough progress in our new bedroom to move on in! Here’s what our bedroom used to look like:

bedroom makeover_before_avenue lifestyle 1

Eek! Can you blame me? Every single surface was a different shade of ugly and the floor was covered in dirty orange vinyl. The vinyl was the first to go, by the way, and boy, did that feel good. The we hired some plasterers to smooth down all the walls except for the one surrounding the windows, as the old plaster was in such bad nick it would come crumbling off with so much as a sneeze. Ready? Here’s what we did to the place, with the help of Histor, who kindly supplied some of the paint and materials to get the project started.

bedroom makeover_during_avenue lifestyle 1

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Fresh, bright and light. It’s unbelievable what a fresh coat of white paint will do to a tired old space! The floors, walls, ceiling, window and door frames, door, radiators and heating pipes ALL got a coat {or three} of white paint, and skirting boards were replaced, too. That’s better.

Then I started layering in some texture, starting with a set of beautiful linen bed covers from Couleur Locale in ‘taupe’ and pillow covers in ‘dark grey’. If you’ve never slept under a linen duvet, you really have to. It’s so beautifully crisp and light. Linen is notorious for crinkling really quickly with wear, but I love that about it. We have a flat cotton sheet underneath which I wash every week, so I only have to wash and iron the duvet cover once a month. I picked up a lovely textured Indian throw from the flea market, and added a Tas-ka cushion from my local interiors boutique Femkeido for the finishing touch. I also picked up the ceiling light fixture there. It’s by a new design label Jet Tammel and I adore the simplicity in its design. I have a bit of a thing for exposed bulbs, as you can see…

Here’s another view of the entrance to the room, leading out to the hallway, staircase and Lola’s room.

Bedroom Makeover / Before / Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

We decided to create an open wardrobe instead of a closed one. I personally love open anything. Open shelving, open windows… you get the picture. I love to be able to access my clothes freely, and to be able to see clearly what’s what in the zoo. It has made me really ruthless too about what I wear and don’t wear. I have cleared out so many old clothes that were previously stashed away, and it feels SO good. For our trousers, PJs, t-shirts and underwear we have a little cabinet to the right of the ‘wardrobe’ and it works well. That little piece, which belonged to my husband’s grandparents, doubles up as my dressing table where I do my hair and make-up each day. When we got it the varnish was flaking off quite badly so we sanded it off very lightly, left it untreated, and updated it with a set of cognac leather handles from nu interieur|ontwerp.

Bedroom Makeover / During / Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom Makeover / During / Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

We chose two white clothes racks from Ikea, and added a shelf placed high up for extra throw blankets and baskets which will serve as seasonal clothes storage. When it’s winter time, our summer gear will reside in baskets up top, and vise versa. We used brackets from Ikea and created the shelf from two slabs of inexpensive wood from our local DIY store. I’m pleased we added the shelf, not only for practicality purposes, but also because it heightens the room. I also love the texture that the baskets bring to all that white space.

Here’s another view:

Bedroom Makeover / Before / Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

The collection of art above the left of the bed is a mix of old and new, original and prints. I picked up the lithograph of the tree at our local antique market, in love with it for ages and didn’t quite have the right spot for it. The framed real butterflies were another antique market find. The figure drawing to the right is the latest addition to my growing art collection. It is a limited edition heliograph of a Henry Matisse line drawing, one of 36, which I found in Amsterdam recently. The other line drawing is a piece I found at a gallery in The Hague a few years ago. Above it is an original watercolor of a feather that I purchased on Etsy a while back. The ochre coloured butterfly to the bottom left is a letterpress print I picked up at a local studio called Atelier Indrukwekkend where we had our wedding invitations printed. Above it, an artwork by Puur Anders.

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

Bedroom makeover by Avenue Lifestyle

One of our bedside tables is an antique marble topped cutie that I found in a little antique shop in town that is never open, except the one time it was and I found this sweet table. I have two of them, a little different to each other, but decided I preferred assymetry so the other one resides downstairs in our living room. The other bedside table is by Zuiver, with the matching table over by the window with a plant on it. The little accordion lamp on the wall is one of my favourite online market finds. I am still undecided as to whether or not to treat it {paint it, or even a sand it down to a paler shade, replace the cord etc…}.

So guys, that’s our bedroom! What do you think? It was a mammoth project that I am relived to have finally wrapped up, and to now have a lovely fresh bedroom to curl into each night. It’s our new favourite room in the house and so serene that getting up in the morning has become considerably difficult!

Holly x

Photography and styling by Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle; Wall and radiator paint: Histor; Floor paint:  Bed: Wehkamp; Bed linen: Couleur Locale; Cushion: Tas-Ka from Femkeido; Ceiling light: Jet Tammel from Femkeido; Bedside table: Zuiver; Clothes Racks: ‘MULIG’ Ikea; Shelf brackets: ‘EKBY STILIG’ Ikea; Blinds; Ikea; Wicker tote: Dille & Kamille {click for a the lining DIY!};  Clamp lamp: ‘TISDAG’ Ikea; Step stool and leather handles: nu interieur|ontwerp; Mirrors: ‘KOLJA’ and ‘STAVE’ Ikea

105 Responses to “Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE & AFTER!”

  1. Ciara says:

    Yes, yes and yes! I adore everything about this room, what a stunning transformation, you are a wizard dear Holly! Enjoy the feeling of having it done xx

  2. Mariët says:

    Wow, wow, wow and wow again. How beautifully done! I LOVE it. Our bedroom needs a make-over too!

  3. Irini Frangos says:

    I love love love it!!!! You are so talented!!! Just stunning really xxxx

  4. Cecilia says:

    Absolutely amazing Hols!! It looks really beautiful!!

  5. Izzy says:

    Yowzers, what a metamorphosis! Can’t believe it’s the same room. Very well done with great attention to details. And that lil’ marble table is sooo cute!

  6. Wauw, mooi! Ik haal hier zeker inspiratie uit voor onze slaapkamer!

  7. Nathalie says:

    I loooooove it Holly! What a huge change and perfect place to relax ♡ (and thank you for mentioning our leather Handles, they look great on that cabinet)

  8. Eve says:

    You absolutely nailed it! Stunning & stylish, an elegant palette.

  9. Wow! Just wow! The result is simply stunning and looks so fresh and cozy! Well done Holly :)

  10. Natalie says:

    Perfection, Holly – you certainly have vision! It’s an amazing transformation, and photographed beautifully too!

  11. This looks absolutely amazing Holly!! WOW! X

  12. This is so beautifully done! What a gorgeous room!

  13. Deepa says:

    What a stunning transformation! Congratulations on your lovely new bedroom, job well done!

  14. This is a beautiful bedroom! I love your mix of wood, white and all the linen on the bed. But it’s your open wardrobe that steals the show. You’ve curated it beautifully — a great lesson that more of us need to learn.

  15. Liubou says:

    I have just come from the sailing trip and it is all amazing Holly! Well done!! Currently showing it to my boyfriend and we both really adore every single piece of it. What about this antique bed side table on the right side? Did you get it from antique market? Big hugs! L.

    • Holly says:

      Thanks so much lovely! The side table is from a little antique shop in Delft. When you come and visit I will take you :)

  16. Chatty says:

    super love it!! :) thanks for posting this.

  17. It’s absolutely stunning Holly. I love it all. I mostly love that all your clothes are neutrals too and how they match the room. I would need to paint my bedroom navy blue LOL!!!

  18. samantha says:

    looks lovely, a very calming space, love how the side table son’t match, makes for a more laid back feel.

  19. Ajda says:

    Holly it is so gorgeous, I love every little detail. I wish I had the same vision as you when it comes to interiors. I have a beautiful blank canvas in the new place we just moved to in Amsterdam, it’s furnished but still lots of room to add to and make it my own, yet I don’t know where to start when it comes to actually picking things in the shops…will definitely be using your post for tips and ideas x

    • Holly says:

      How exciting to have a blank canvas to work with, Ajda. So pleased you found inspiration in this post, and let me know if I can do anything to help in your new Amsterdam abode xxx

  20. Ingeborg says:

    Dear Holly
    How beautiful this is!!
    You’ve inspired me to do the same in my bedroom
    Where did you buy the lamp on de bedsidetabel?
    The white lamp

  21. Hinke says:

    As pretty as it is, I hope you didn’t upset the downstairs neighbours too much by removing the vinyl

    • Holly says:

      Hi Hinke, we have a three story house and below our bedroom is the kitchen so no worries there :) Our neighbours surprisingly don’t hear a thing, which is a miracle as we have wooden stairs and floors. Phew!

  22. Sigrun says:

    Love the room. What a difference. WOW.
    One question. Did that lovely wood floor appear from beneath the vinyl or did you lay it, and if so, what did you use? I love the “antique-y” look of it.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Sigrun, we were fortunate to have discovered these original wooden floorboards (which date back to the 1920s when the house was built) beneath the orange vinyl and a layer of ply that we ripped up. Best find ever! It was very dirty and required a lot of cleaning (between each plank), sanding and a paint job to get this result, but it was well worth the effort!

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  24. Εlpida says:

    This is stunning! I ran across your blog yesterday and couldn’t take my eyes off of this makeover! Would you mind If I asked what colour have you used for painting the whole room? It’s a white but quite subtle and a little moody. Perfect!

    • Holly says:

      @Elpida Thank you. The shade we chose for the walls is called RAL 9010 at the local paint suppliers and DIY store here in the Netherlands. It’s the most crisp white shade.

  25. Petros says:

    Such an amazing makeover and beautiful bedroom! You are very talented!

    I posted your makeover on my blog! Have a look!

  26. flashesofher says:

    how do you like those ikea clothing racks? i’m considering buying some but i want to make sure they’re sturdy enough!

    • Holly says:

      @flashesofher I love the clothing racks. They are very inexpensive (€9 each at Ikea) so I am not sure they are the best option long term but they are holding up really well for us!

  27. Beth says:

    This is just gorgeous! It also helped me get ideas about how to manage storage in our new house after substantially downsizing. Yay for clothing racks!

  28. Molly says:

    This room is so lovely! Can I please ask where you bought your window shades? Thank you!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! Love how the floors and walls were both painted white, to give the rooms a fresh clean canvas to work with.

  30. Kelly says:

    Just beautiful. Wow, congratulations on the transformation.

  31. Gabby says:

    Beautiful bedroom! Well worth all of your hard work. I’m amidst a bedroom makeover myself and was wondering if I may ask where your hangers are from? Thank you!

  32. A beautiful makeover. So light and bright. I love white rooms and the fact you have added natural wood tones and an open wardrobe has added warmth, texture and dimension to the room. The wooden unit adds real charm. It looks like the perfect place to relax.

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  34. Jordan says:

    Wow, what a stunning transformation! It motivates me to do my room aswell!
    Can I ask where you got your beige (?) blanket on the bed?

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  38. Tomiko says:

    wow! this is really beautiful! i have an open closet in my bedroom that i’m still not so pleased with! yours is beautiful! maybe i just have too many clothes?

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  40. lilly says:

    Holly, it’s beautiful!!!
    why did you repaint that lovely pale grey wall, though? think it would match just fine… actually, I took it as an inspiration for our bedroom redo☺️

    • Holly says:

      Thanks Lilly! That grey wall looked kind of lilac in my opinion and was driving me a bit buts! Choosing the right grey can be tough. Some greys have blue undertones and can look a little purple, and some have brown undertones, which look a lot softer and warmer. What I used was a little too cold for my liking and made the room feel smaller. Love the fresh white and it’s the most serene space to sink into at the end of the day! H x

  41. Tory says:

    Oh my goodness! This room is SO gorgeous.

    Your style is absolutely impeccable. I am speechless.

    This is exactly what I want my room to look like. You are magical.

  42. Heidy says:

    Hi, oh – Wow. Super inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. I love before/After posts. They just make me want to Start immediately.
    And First Thing I would like to get for myself: the high heels. What is the Brand?Thanks a Lot.
    Bedankt en Groetjes uit Duitsland.

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  44. Mai says:

    Hei! Very nice job. Can I please ask you, where did you get those paintings/posters?

  45. Mai says:

    Hi! Looks really nice! Where have you gotten those paintings/posters?

  46. Mel says:

    Holly I’m so late coming on board here but I did see gorgeous snippets here and on SF Girl By Bay and always had this book marked to come visit. Oh my it is absolutely enviously beautiful! What a divine space to rest, I bet you sleep well there… It is also such a great reflection of you. Love it! M xx

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  48. Ricarda says:

    Hi Holly, I love the room!!! So cosy and bright – great job! Can you tell me the secret of the white floor? Is this parquet? What kind of wood do you used? I hope I see you at MTB in two weeks? Greetings from Germany! Ricarda

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  51. Those rooms are elegant. I love how you decorated the rooms and selected the shade of the wall paint. Your walls are absolutely beautiful. Each and every space of your home exudes a minimalist style. I liked it so much. I hope you are doing great.

  52. Judita Sore says:

    Very nice bedroom. I love everything about it. Why did you chose to keep your trousers in the cabinet? Nice job, and you definitely have a lovely home. Enjoy it:)

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  60. Jessica says:

    Your bedroom is so tasteful! Well done! I’m happy for you that you got that ugly orange out!

  61. Julie Bork says:

    Dear Holly. This bedroom looks absolutely beautiful with all its charming details! May I ask from which website you bought the accordion lamp? Best, Julie.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Julie, Thank you. I picked up the accordion lamp on a secondhand site called Marktplaats, which is where people buy/sell their used/vintage wares online in the Netherlands. It was just €20 and gives such character to the room!

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  67. Jenn says:

    Heart-breakingly beautiful! It’s really wonderful to actually see a living space-house-home recover from such abuses of colour, texture, tone and the basic bones of the place! We see so much of this, well-meaning (I hope) attempts to personalise a house or home that just makes one step back reeling. (In a bad way.)

    Your bedroom now especially, is a haven of tranquility and romance and a true restorative, nuturing place.

    Wonderful wonderful work. I would not have slept in that room either. We didn’t even move into our new (old) house until the bedroom and one bath was done. It would have been so depressing and made for horrible dreams to sleep in such a rackety-noisy, schizy, ugly setting. I totally understand. And now, a place to inspire, rest and and so lovely!


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  70. Suzanne says:

    How did you cover those burgandy walls? i actually have two burgandy walls in my bedroom and two beige walls. i hate them! Would love to do this white but am afraid by the time I got the dark color covered i’d be broke!!! Love how clean this looks – beautiful!

  71. I am in love with the makeover! I’m about to move and I’m already thinking of how I’m going to decorate my bedroom… I find yours perfect! Bright spaces are my thing and this is probably what I love most about your space. Thank you for sharing.

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  74. Superb Decoration. I just loved your work.

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